AB just played one of the best games you'll ever see from a college freshman

What an amazing job in every phase of a basketball game.


I got to give AB a game ball but I am also giving one to Devo. For all but about 8 min he shut the Louisville 3pt assassin down.

Devo may have only had a few point, but his defense was fantastic!!


One cool customer.

Devo made the first basket of the game, never scored again. But you’re right about his defense.

It is great to finally have a real point guard who can do it all. He can shoot, drive, handle the ball, pass and play defense. He seems to have a good feel for the game.


Shame we’ll only have him for 1 year. He is just simply the best player to ever play point guard in a Hog jersey.


I agree Jeremy. That is why it is so important to have Muss to replace him next year! Great player and great coach!

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At this morning’s breakfast with a scouting report for the coaches, they told us that Devo was getting that guy, and for all of us in the stands to put our hands up on defense, it must have worked!


Dont forget rebounds…if hes in the vicinity.

Devo was outstanding today.

Our length on defense will keep us in games, if the guys continue to buy into Muss’s program. You give effort on D, you’re going to play. Devo was great, but Walsh made several hustle/effort plays that were great. Basically, the whole team did, great effort.


Our length and defensive effort was great today. I just have to wonder with another game within 24 hours will it be maintained or will our legs be a bit tired so we use our length and not our feet and have a foul fest.

I see Creighton as a team that can play a no flow foul fest type game. Can Arkansas? WE might be deeper, I don’t know didn’t watch much of the Creighton v TT game.

Still looking forward to tomorrow. It will be tough tough. Creighton is a complete experienced team from what I read.

Creighton is Final 4 good. It will be a battle, but they haven’t seen athleticism like we have yet. Can’t wait to watch.


I’m trying to figure out where this pure stroke he had tonight has been all year,he barely hit iron tonight strictly nylon!!! after starting off like he has been with a scud missle of the glass.He was pure MONEY tonight! Whatever he was doing I hope he can do it again,Creighton has great on ball defense so it will be harder but I hope he can continue to look to score a lot!!!

If AB can shoot like that, he is basically unguardable.


He shot it like a guy who came in Ave 20+ He was that confident and pure in his shot tonight

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If they play him to shoot the rock he can go to the hole and that’s really thought to handle. Once he beats his man he will dunk or pass for a dunk to one of his teammates. He can flat out play ball.


I don’t know how good the guy is supposed to be who he was going at it with, but he completely dominated that guy.

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He stole the ball right out of James’ hands on an inbounds play! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that happen quite like that. Incredible!

Wow, that is saying a lot (Lee Mayberry, Corey Beck). I recorded and can’t wait to watch.