AAU Nike Circuit

I know this is probably not a good time to ask but I’m trying to find out about tryouts and who are the Coach’s…I have a 15 year old and of course I think he’s good enough to play on that circuit…, His bday is in August and I would appreciate any info., I never post but I enjoy reading especially a good debate…I’m from DD home County and I tried to private message him but evidently I don’t how to do it…Or he ignored me lol

I’m not a basketball guy like a lot of folks on here but you might want to call the Arkansas Wings organization and see if they can give you some guidance.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://m.facebook.com/Arkansas-Wings-1g.com&_rdr”>https://m.facebook.com/Arkansas-Wings-101347083283002/?__nodl&ref=external%3Awww.bing.com&_rdr</LINK_TEXT>

Thank you and i have made some calls to a buddy that lives in Bentonville and he works at Walmart and a guy that works for him went through the AAU Circuit.:…last August he went to a invitation only
CP3 camp and did well… but thanks again

Do you use Twitter?

The Woodz Elite program is the org that plays the Nike EYBL. They have a Twitter profile that you could message. Marcus Monk is the program director. Wes Swift coached the 16U team last year. Both of them are on Twitter, too.

That’s a problem… I’m not on Twitter but I’ll get someone that is and try that…thank you

May want to look at the Arkansas teams affiliated with Under Armour and Adidas too.

I have not seen a PM from you.

I answer each one I get.

Obviously the Hawks, Wings and Woodz all have the best organizations - it would appear - in the state.

I will reach out to a few people and see what I can find out for you.

Hey thanks a lot DD I know your busy and I didn’t think it went through but I had trouble for a while just logging on… it you ever had a minute he’s on YouTube at CP3 camp… Connor Tinsley and thanks again

You bet