Aaron Fitt called it

Earlier this year when people were asking if the Hogs were legit NC contenders, he said his concern was having two freshmen in the starting rotation.

He was right

Doesn’t Ole Miss have two freshman starters in this series?


Good news is they will both be back next year as sophomore!

been extremely pleased with this team! lot of people have played bvery well that we didn’t know would look at Kenley!! unreal what he’s done! Goodheart and Ezell and the Freshman have played really well! just very surprised and Happy we have done this well.

Freshman just struck out 19 in a no-hitter for Vandy. Freshman kicked our butts in the last game in Omaha last year. By mid-June, they aren’t freshmen any more.

Well, I’d say even by June some of them are still pretty much freshmen. Lots depends on each kid. There’s a big difference among our freshmen. I have no doubt both Connor & Patrick had a bad case of nerves yesterday & today. I’d think that’s probably due to lack of experience in pressure situations. We haven’t played a game all year that had as much on the line as those of the past two days.

Rocker, of course, is on a completely different level. Some freshmen just have so much talent that it doesn’t matter much. Wicklander & Noland are very good pitchers, but they’re not as good as some we’ve seen. Next year they might be.

Misery beat Rocker on May 11, although even then he allowed two ER in 6 innings. Sikkema also allowed 2 ER and the Misery bullpen did a better job than Vandy’s. EOE also beat him in conference play (we swept both of those teams, remember). So he’s not untouchable, as five losses on the season also would indicate. Clearly the Duke hitters could not leave that curve alone with two strikes. I have a sneaking suspicion the crappy lights at Vandy’s field might have had something to do with that. TDA is better lit.

Well, I don’t mean to say he’s the second coming of Koufax, but just that he appears (from all I hear & the little I’ve seen) he’s one of the best around. My point wasn’t that’s he’s great, though. My point is that some freshmen are more advanced than others for any number of reasons.