Aaron Brule

I’ve seen more talk about foucha, but Brule seems to have more physical tools. Any idea how he felt about his visit? And how about Mason while we’re at it?

He doesn’t leave until 5 but everything you hear is very positive. He’s friends with the other Rummel guys on the team along with Scoota.

Scoota tweeted 1 down 2 to go, I would assume he is talking commits and 1 being Brule, who would be the 3rd?

Foucha, Brule, and Parker??

He’s talking about the Louisiana players, saying we’ve got one of them, need two more.

Probably so, I missed the connection there

He is indeed talking about Fourcha and Brule.

Would we take both?

I don’t think I can give a 100% yes or no on that. The numbers are tight and like I said elsewhere I’m not sure Chad Morris knows how this will play out right now.