AAC-SEC matchups per Jon Rothstein

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Looks like Hogs will be in the SEC-Big 12 challenge, since we are not one of the 4 teams in the AAC-SEC Alliance matchups.

The SEC/Big 12 challenge is based on the SEC’s top 10 teams in the standings from two seasons before. As long as Arkansas finishes in the top 10, it will be in the challenge.

The four teams that will be in the AAC event are the teams that were 11-14 in 2017-18. Arkansas is guaranteed to be in the Big 12 challenge for at least the next two seasons.

Based on the recent rotation, Arkansas is probably going to a home game next year against either Texas Tech, Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma or Oklahoma State.

You are right. I recall now that they came up with that rule few years into the Challenge Series. Do you know how they come up with the pairings? I thought you would put #1 against #1, #2 against #2 and do on. But to allow home games on a rotating basis for each team, they probably have to do quite a bit of shuffling.

I’m not sure. I think it is pretty much dictated by TV and what ESPN feels will make for the most compelling TV. That’s why we get Kansas-Kentucky every year.

I’d be willing to bet Arkansas gets Baylor, TCU or Oklahoma this year. The last four challenges have all been against Texas Tech or Oklahoma State. Plus, Texas Tech has become a big draw all of a sudden. No one saw that coming before last season because of all the players it lost the year before.