AA is not seeing the field

both times on the RED zone he missed people underneath but he had his eyes locked into 1 reciever he missed Pettway around the 3 wide open and he threw in to the EZ and miss Patton wide open when he tried to hit cantrell,he missed several last week,he continues to focus on 1 receiver and misses other that would be in his vision…has to that or he will always throw into traffic.

He doesn’t have a receiver he trusts yet.

AA has not been the qb we had last year, he’s been the one from the last two games.

He’s locking his eyes in his targets, making bad off balance throws, holding on to the ball way too long, and he’s like you mentioned missing wide open players.

Not sure what the deal is, but if it continues he may need to watch another qb take a snap until he smells the coffee.

The receivers deserve some blame, but he deserves his fair share as well.

He probably is missing some receivers but I think there are more issues with the receivers, bad routes, etc. The timing is definitely off. Pass protection doesn’t look too great either.

It’s a sum of all of these things.

Bad QB play, bad OL play, young receivers.

But there were several times he had plenty of time and missed a window to a guy. I’ve pulled half of my hair out because of it. There’s blame to pass around to everyone. Don’t like to see all the bashing of the receivers, because it’s not all them.

Not all them but a lot them.

Receivers seemed to be running the wrong routes. It looks like AA expects tgem to be one spot but they switch, which makes him hang onto the ball to long. No separation doesn’t help either.

No running game and unproven receivers equal a below average QB!

neither one of those should keep you fromhseeing the field,he has to know where everyone is on each play,both plays I’m talking about werent 10 yds from him but he was looking deeper.

i don’t understand why the routes are ran to where there’s no dump off guy available. This game did not show case The TE enough. I hope it’s just timing but if you see as a receiver your not getting open break it off and come back toward your QB or open space. Austin Allen may end up having to use his legs more which is not what we need.
I think there’s blame for them all. The Oline gave Allen time most of the time. Enos needs some blame. He is stubborn as well. Allen has to get rid of the ball. We won’t see many go routes any time soon work. Crossing route and outs. Take 5 yards and be happy.

Allen was acting like he didn’t realize he was allowed to have practiced timing and routes with recievers these past months.

It looked like none of them had practiced together.


I think Cole Kelley should be the QB for AR. He is taller, stronger and can run. He can see over the top to deliver the ball, he is more durable against the rush, and can take the open lanes for short yards. His physicality can change the dynamics of the offense. If we stay with AA, we’ll see more of the same.

And how many passes were dropped? JC dropped at least two and he is the experienced one. He has to show the way. Missing practice is not an excuse for a senior wide receiver. If the ball is in your hands, catch it!!!

agree with armyhog. we got what, 30 tight ends on scholarship? C.j. has great hands. where is the dump off? the 5 yard pass which is as good as a run. its the scheme…

I thought last year that the offensive line was going to get Austin Allen killed. I think there is a good chance they may succeed this year.

There were routes called to the tight ends most of the day. TCU had them blanketed. Not always, but most of the time. By and large the coverage was better than the routes. Maybe he did stay with the first choice too long. I saw that a couple of times. I saw receivers stop, too. Stewart stopped on one third down play across the middle. Austin led him just a step and it proved to be wrong when Stewart stopped. That’s being on the same page. The first pass of the game was a drop by Cornelius. The mesh between receivers and quarterbacks isn’t there right now. I am not saying it’s one or the other, but an offensive mesh deal. For whatever reason, that hasn’t happened yet. Experience is important. I would expect that to improve.

The running game has to improve to help the passing game. A big part of the passing game is the play-action game. For that to be effective, there has to be the running game to make linebackers play run.

AA has got to stop demonstratively calling out receivers on the field. I remember seeing Cutler do that in Denver when his star was rising. Leadership issues have dogged him his entire career. Do it in the huddle. Do it on the sidelines.