A young man I'll be watching

the next few years.

‘25 athlete Javeon Fricks of Mineral Springs. He plans to attend Arkansas’ prospect camp on June 24. Can’t wait to see him.


Is he 7’ tall??? He appears to be nearly a foot taller than everyone else on the field.

That is a large, agile young man!

He’s 6-5. His doc thinks he could grow to be 6-8.

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Not that it matters a whole lot at this stage , but I wonder what he weighs. Looks to be at least 200 based on 6’5" height.

Listed 205. I can see him growing into a TE.

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Assuming that is a middle school (Jr, High) he was playing for, I am a little surprised he was not playing varsity…my apologies to the players if that is varsity film. :thinking: I am remembering we had a 6’8" 250 lb DE circa '80-'82 who played opposite Billy Ray Smith Jr. So this guy MIGHT also have a shot at DE.

Ron Faurot.

He has a sports bar in DFW. I visited there before an A&M game awhile back.

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Thanks, I was just getting ready to mention his name and the sports bar connection, I went to the sports bar in the mid-late 80’s and was surprised to see him there…don’t remember the name of the place. I remember thinking he did not look to be 250, but at that height weight can be deceptive. I am happy to hear he still has that sports bar. I don’t remember the name of it. I would consider going there next time I am in the DFW area if you can post it.

I went to the first A&M game there, but by then I had already forgotten where Ron’s bar was. :roll_eyes:

The food was very average. Maybe they’ve upgraded the quality since I’ve been there. Ron was there when I visited and I talked to him a bit.


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That is JV video.

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In the 90’s, before all of the games were available on home TV, I went to Bronco’s a few times. I lived close by in Grapevine then - he was in Bedford. About 10 years or so ago, they moved the location about 1 mile or 2 to the west.

My recollection is that the fare was average bar-food…not great, but far from terrible. And I did see Ron about 1/2 the time I was in there…

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From this video, I’d expect him to be a DE…or, perhaps…a TE in college. Good enough speed at his size to dominate at his current level of competition, but he doesn’t have enough speed to play WR…or maybe even TE…in Division I ball.

Reminds me of a kid my son went to school and played HS football with - Henry Melton. Henry was something like 6 foot 1 or 2 by 200 lbs in the 7th grade, and was the best athlete on the team. They did have a pretty good QB, so Henry played RB and dominated.

He stayed there all through HS but grew to 6’3" and 240 lbs by his senior year. My son was convinced he would win the Heisman in college, but I told him “Defensive Ends don’t win Heismans”. I told him that’s where Henry would play, but junior just couldn’t see it.

Henry signed with Texas and played as a true freshman on the 2005 National Champions. He was a short-yardage specialist, getting a few carries on 3rd or 4th and 1 yard, or near the goal line. He did well in that role. However, the next 3 years he started at DE, which is where Chicago drafted him. Played 7 or 8 years in the League at that position.

This kid reminds me of Henry - a lot. Will remain to be seen how he develops in the next couople of years.

The bar is in Hurst by the way. Never been but not my neck of the woods here in the DFW area as they say.

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Ahh, I had forgotten it was in Hurst. In the mid-late 90’s the Dallas Razorback Club met at several different sports bars mostly for BB games that were hard to get, otherwise, but some FB games, too. Henderson (first name escapes me at the moment - Tom?), OT from the late 50’s and his wife were usually at these events, I think he was only about 5’10, 200 lbs when he played. I think his wife was head of the Dallas Razorback club (?). Anyway, we met at several different places but never Bronco’s that I recall, and I never had more than an appetizer and beer.

How long before he transfers to Nashville High?

NHS has gotten a few players from Mineral Springs over the years.

Great looking young athlete, could be really special. Not his fault but at that level he is always gonna be bigger and stronger. Love to see him pushed as he gets older against good competition, Mineral Springs sure isn’t that and Nashville won’t be either. Love to see that kid at a Texas 5A-6a school.

It was in Bedford, on the South side near Central, in a small “mall” originally, but moved west up Airport Freeway to Hurst about a decade ago.

That was Paul “Red” Henderson you are talking about. Paul was President of the GDRC for a couple of years; his wife Susan was the Membership Chairperson. I had the pleasure of serving with them on the Board for a few years, but that’s been almost 20 years ago now.

Red (so named because of his hair) grew up in the Tulsa area, and was there when Frank arrived. He had some good stories about Broyles, Switzer and others. He and Susan retired in the Fayetteville area about 15 years ago.

By the way, the Watch parties - not as heavily attended these days, since almost everyone can watch the games at home - still gather and have fun calling the Hogs. Come join us this fall at the Buffalo Wild Wings on the Plano/Carrollton border (Hebron @ Midway Road).

Thanks for setting me straight, Wizard. Pretty pathetic that I had forgotten the name"Red’. I remember when he was playing and I read the Ar Gazette sports section every day (starting with my paper route duties in 1957). In Red’s day the sports section published a 3-deep Off. and Def. the morning of each game. Henderson was one of the names I remembered for some reason. Susan seemed to stay pretty even keeled at watch parties and Red could get quite upset at times. I live in Bentonville now so may not get back to DFW for any watch parties. But, it would be fun.

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