A Win or A Loss Is Not Shocking

I am not sure why anyone is shocked by Friday’s loss or would have been surprised had they won.
This team has been up and down all season. It has had the same strengths and in particular the same weaknesses from start to finish.
Each time a team has been able to take advantage of those weaknesses AND/OR AA has played poorly it has led to a loss.
While the offensive line has improved since day one we saw today it is not nearly good enough and AA took a beating, which led to him playing a terrible second half.
The secondary has not improved one bit and Missouri figured it out in the second half and targeted our corners, who, other than Pulley, just are not SEC quality.
The third glaring weakness is the kicking game, which totally has lost the faith of CBB and led to him passing up a FG late in the game and going for it on 4th down. That was a game losing decision that I can not blame him for. I have no faith in the kicking game either.
These three weaknesses were known from the launch of the season and remain today. I have no doubt CBB knows this better than any of us. It has to kill him to see the corners give up plays game after game and simply have no one else to put in there. Pulley is a keeper, but is still young. There are no excuses for the rest. Losing Wiley, Tutt and Richardson early on left little depth.
This was never a complete team, but it was able to handle all the non-conference teams and three SEC teams.
Today the team played the run well and ran well itself and that was about it. Add no pass rush to the three weaknesses and any game can be a loss. Again it was no surprise win or lose.

Great post!

I forget who was Wiley?

Is that a nickname for Dre Greenlaw?

Great post!

I forget who was Wiley?

Is that a nickname for Dre Greenlaw?

I am sorry I got that name wrong it was Willie Sykes I think. He was the cornerback from Texas that played so well in the Spring Game. I thought his leaving was disappointing. He showed real promise.
I shouldn’t write late at night. :?

The fact we have only one SEC quality corner in year 4 of BB’s tenure is a huge failure on this staff’s part. They told us Tutt looked really good, but they also told us how great our DL looked in fall camp. Excuse me if I take what they have to say with a grain of salt.

We knew CB was an area of major concern yet in recruiting last year we signed ZERO on signing day. How does that happen?

I actually think 7-5 given the talent on hand is a descent result with the problem being how bad the losses were to better teams and the bad loss yesterday. The disappointment is the lack of quality SEC players across the board. This roster looks like one of a coach early in the rebuilding process and not one that should be very close to having a rebuilt job close to complete and ready to compete in the upper half of the division.

I expect more of the same in 2017.

You are correct a Win or a Loss is not shocking. Who Won and Who Lost can be.

Does anyone else get the feeling that Coach B is not in it for the long haul?

I just don’t get some of glaring recruiting mistakes on D…

Collins and DJ Dean are not very good in coverage in 2016, not saying they are not great kids but they can not cover very well.
However if you go back to a two game stretch in 2015, the lone shining star we have had under Rob Smith against LSU and Ole Miss these guys played some pretty good ball. Missouri again that year smoked us in the second half, but they also played ok against Texas in the bowl. One thing we had during that small stretch of good D was a good DL, and one very good Lber. A DE and a DT recruited by Steve Caldwell by the way, just saying.

Two years later they are still swearing we will get back to that level, but I am sorry are DL coach and DC are not the coaches that Steve Caldwell was and is… that is where I see coach B failing us most, in his staff selection.

Also, the CB’s for next year where are they? Our Coach has done a poor job of addressing the secondary, has gotten some numbers at LBer but still unproven, and hopefully these DL’s realize the potential they have.

Lots of work to do on D.

To answer your question about CB’s next year Arkansas will be relying on Pulley and Tolliver and… Tutt coming off ACL surgery and a bunch of true freshman. RIchardson is not a CB and Dalton is too slow to play even safety. Sound like a receipe for success?