A win is a win!

Whether it be ugly or masterful, it’s still a win.
Actually the team pretty much played to it’s mo!
Just like many games this season, we give up an early lead, struggle at the plate first 3, 4, 5 innings and then offense comes alive and we come back and take the lead. BP struggles off and on and then pitches good enough to win and then Kopps seals the deal.
We didn’t look too sharp early on, but then Kopps comes in early and shuts them down for 2-1/2 innings while our offense came to life and scored a lot of runs.
Ugly wins might not make you feel good, but winning the game, no matter how, should make you feel good.
Bottom line…we are playing in the winners bracket tomorrow night! I feel good about that! Go Hogs!

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We played well, the underdog came out jacked up and took a shot. We responded with volley of missles. Game over. We did what we were supposed to do. Win.
How we started today has zero bearing on the next game. It only applies to today’s blow out win.


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NE beating Neb 4-0 after3 and aren’t throwing their Ace.we are about to have our hands full! those guys go up there to rip the ball and thier Ace is big 6’6 guy with nasty slider and they are seeing a LH who throws a lot like Wick…very worried about this game

We are going to roll through this.

hope your right brother!

I’m actually more focused on the June basketball recruiting visits than this regional. We have to many sticks. We got this.

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We not the only ones with sticks, need way better pitching than what we got today…

There is always something we could do better. I don’t expect pitching to carry us through this, nor do I in any game. It’s adequate enough to compliment our sticks to carry us through this. We will be fine.


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