A win is a win...

SEC will be tough.

Yes it is!
A win is a win. We just can’t seem to put teams away though. Our past few games have been disheartening.
However, I’m happy we won, but conference play is here now and if the past few games are any indication, it is going to be very tough on this young team.

Yes, but thank goodness we are not in the ACC. That would be even tougher. Happy with the win, but discouraged that we could not get rebounds and loose balls late in the game. Should have put them away when we went up 8-10.

Got 2 weeks before it gets real

I thought they played well between being down 19-6 with 11:33 left in the first half until going up 63-53 with 3:36 left

That’s a 56-34 margin within that time against a team that will likely win its league and be in the NCAA Tournament.

Texas State is now 10-2, not 2-10.

We have a very young team. It shows. They will get better with more games.

Come on now. They were picked 8th in the preseason in the Sunbelt in a league featuring Georgia St. and Georgia Southern. The 10-2 says a lot about their really really weak schedule. After seeing their record I was actually excepting them to look better.

So now we are measuring the strength of an opponent by where they were picked in pre-season rather than how they are actually playing after 11 games. I guess TN was a lousy team last season since they were picked to finish 13th in the SEC. They are certainly a better team than UTSA and probably better than GA Tech.

Ok. I yield to the basketball master.

These youngsters have got hit with a dose of reality. It ain’t like HS or AAU.

I bet they wake up and get back on track. These kids are used to winning.

People can lie, numbers can’t. Texas St. NET coming into this game is 85. NET is factoring in SOS, wins, losses, margin of victory, etc.

To put that into retrospect. GA Tech’s NET is 106. And there are currently 5 SEC teams (including us) with a NET below 85. That was a good win, statistically speaking, and will help us in march.

NET confuses me a lot more than RPI. We beat someone earlier this year (when we had 1 loss) and our Net actually went down. In the old RPI we would have held steady or mover up one or two spots. Forgot who it was but all I could think was if the committee is using this, some pretty good teams maybe heading to the NIT and a lot of sports analysts will be shocked.

The only thing that matters is a ugly win! I wish they would have had an ugly win the previous 2 home games! WKY and GA Tech.
The hogs are young. Sometimes making winning plays down the stretch takes a little time.
Conference play may to be a little rough but we can’t do anything about it. Let’s enjoy our young hogs.

Now you understand why I clicked off this guy.

The first half of the schedule is supposed to prepare for the conference season and it appears our guys are learning and preparing. Other than Bailey, the one upperclassman, not performing well the last few games, I’d say the results are about what I expected. The win over Indiana was huge, particularly now that they are ranked. The loss at home to Western Ky was a bad loss. And, the loss at Ga Tech was a bad loss too considering how Georgia beat Ga Tech handily yesterday. I don’t know what to expect out of the SEC portion of the season. I remember the 2008-9 Hogs that went 12-1 in the pre-conference with wins over two Top-10 teams, then only won two conference games. This team is much more athletic than any recent team. Our bench continues to struggle with point contribution. The SEC has some very good teams this year, but I’m hopeful that the young Hogs will exceed expectations and get to the NCAA tournament.

Hey. They had already beaten South Carolina and Texas A&M this year. That’s pretty impressive.

Oh. That was South Carolina Upstate and Texas A&M Community College. I guess not so impressive