A Will Wade Question

Iff’n ole Will had to stock his roster in the same way that a Mike Anderson or an Eric Musselman does, how long would he last as a P-5 coach?

In my opinion, if he had to recruit like Mike or Muss he wouldn’t be a power 5 coach very long at all.

He’s a good coach, but we’ll see how good he is with the roster turnover for next season. He’s got two good players coming in, but not a lot returning experienced players that are really good.

It is hard to figure out how good of a coach will is. Last year he had Waters at PG who controlled the tempo and managed the game beautifully and led them to a title.

This year Will misses Waters. Neither Mays or Smart are PGs. This LSU team looks rudderless. It was alarming how bad a game they played. The team looked unfocused, sloppy, dribbling into the teeth of defense, horrible passes and just taking bad shots. Arkansas did get some favorable calls on fouls called, but no excuse for allowing 54 free throws. For example, Darius Days who lit up Arkansas with a double double at home took himself out of the game on Wednesday.

We will see how good of a coach he is if this repeats next year. I believe he does have a 5 star PG coming in.

This may be a dumb point/question, since the NCAA is so arbitrary and inconsistent, but is it certain Wade will still be in the picture? The allegations he faces are not minor, but I think the more likely source of his problems is the snubbing his nose at the NCAA. Cannot see they would take kindly to this type of response, challenging the big bad NCAA!

The real question here are those 2 4- star recruits coming into LSU getting rookie minimum?
He won’t last long he has been under the crosshairs of the NCAA dating back to his days at VCU. It a miracle LSU wanted him back after the circus that took place last year!

trick question!

cuz he’d never be a P-5 coach


You got that right holden! For all the strong arse offers he has made while in BR, he is very fortunate to be 2-2 versus our rules compliant team the past two seasons.

LSU hasn’t received the notice of allegations yet. When it does there’s a response period, then the NCAA responds to that, and then the committee on infractions meets, makes its judgment and then the school can appeal. Kansas just released its response for instance. Given all of that I’m not sure the COI will even meet to discuss LSU before next season, even if the strong-ass offer gets a strong-ass notice of allegations. But I’d say Wade is in real jeopardy of forced unemployment for the 21-22 season.

I’ll speculate that ole Will knows where all the bodies are buried in the LSU athletic depart is the reason they have not fired him.

But IMO he is a dead man walking…

It was really surprising to me how disinterested everyone on the floor looked for LSU in the first half. Some of the bad play was almost comical. The bigs never really got it rolling the whole game. While as usual the SEC refs called too many fouls in the game, LSU did foul way too much, and there were way too many dumb fouls.

LSU seems to have had trouble focusing all year. That team has a lot of talent, so its conceivable Wade might get them all dialed in for the post-season. I really can’t decide about Wade, except that perhaps he is about as inconsistent as his team.

He’s gone, he just hasn’t left yet. Getting what he deserves eventually! WPS

Pretty sure Will Wade listens to The Dave Matthews Band.

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