A W is a W!

I thought our defense was poor, but not this poor! Somebody better figure out how to play on the back end. Just bad, but I had much rather have a bad win than a loss, and they were looking at a big L. Can you imagine what SEC shorts would have been?

We knew Bobby would be able to move the ball on this poor defense, but not like that. The rest of the SEC is rubbing their hands together. Can you imagine what MSU would do to this non existent defense?

Very glad we won because I don’t think we’re as bad as we looked. In advance, who would have thought the Hogs would have three turnovers to Mo State’s zero. Simply, our O needs to win our games.


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I thought our biggest problem was VERY poor tackling. Not the only problem (the back side passes for big YAC drove me crazy) but man if we tackle just the same as we did the first two weeks, it makes a huge difference.

I have a hard time believing that MS’s backs a receivers were actually better runners than SC or Cinicy’s.

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I expected BMFP to score some, so I put money on them with 28 points.

I never ever ever expected our O to suck that much. 3 turnovers to zero? O line cannot block for A gap runs? And our O coordinator never ever ever realized that.

Part of me is really frustrated with our coaches and our players. Part of me realizes that a mark of good teams is to win despite not playing well.

Certainly our coaches have a lot to work with , heading to the Gaggie game.

Beautiful nights in Fayetteville, i cannot remember a better crowd for a small division team, in my life. If the team had played as well as the crowd, we would have won 63-17 or so.


All this time I thought AW was root beer.


Gotta give Missouri State credit. Their QB is a good one. They had receivers running in all directions. Our tackling was poor, but a lot of that had to do with Missouri States skills at wide receiver.

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Tackling was atrocious for most of the game. I actually thought the coverage was good most of the night. we’re getting some interference calls that are not going our way and they very easily could. Petrino offense is always challenging because they make you cover sideline to sideline which puts you in a lot of one-on-one types of plays and we simply tackle so bad that we let them gain a lot extra yards that they shouldn’t have got. This defense grew up in the fourth quarter though and they refused to lose this ball game! We will have to be a lot better tackler next week because A&M has some ball players that are really fast and hard to tackle.

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Petrino game planned very well. Probably been preparing since last Spring. Gotta get Slush back to stabilize the secondary.

The biggest negative of this game for me is that our reserves didn’t get any PT. Of course i thought we would’ve put them away, but knew Coach Petrino wanted to prove a point and would have a great offensive gamelan.

On KJ’s fumble, i thought there was a fasemask penalty right before he fumbled that the refs missed. That could’ve changed everything.

At the end of the day, we won a hard fought game that just a couple of years ago our guys may have given up when it was 0-17. Proud of the growth, we have to get better.


I agree


Your thoughts on poor tackling are right. That’s the most miserable job of getting the ball carrier or recover to the ground by the hogs there’s been this season.

We did not keep our defense off the field enough in the first three quarters. Surprisingly weak offensive line in the run game and some weak fumbles. Basically it took the whole team losing focus and playing poorly to make our pass defensive look that horrendous. Surely that scare was enough to get our focus going forward. If we look that bad again this year I don’t think it will be one part of our team we can point at to blame, it will just be because of a far superior opponent we may have to point at (cough cough bama and Georgia) and say we still ain’t quite there yet. Those are NFL teams. I expect us to not beat ourselves and be in position to catch a lucky break or catch the sec darlings on an off day. And hopefully if all else fails please just beat the damn aggies in Texas so we can ride high one more weekend.

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Definitely a face mask on that play.

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That is exactly what I thought sir. Our tackling was poor Saturday. Our players not breaking down when approaching runners is a fundamental mistake. I saw Sanders miss 3 or 4 (as great a blitzer as he is) and Bumper 2 or so because of this. Maybe lack of practicing this at full speed in camp is catching up to us. Hopefully we can improve this area quickly.

Missed tackles + YAC were the MOST game problem. Handed away 10-14 points with fumbles. No telling what the bobbled pass to Knox (intercepted) would produce, but at least a punt flips the field.

Score 14 more and its a totally different game.

We gave up yards, but we also eliminated a pesky run game and mobile QB. Lots of QB pressure the last third of the game, leading to big sack numbers.

Fans have to learn to look at stats like “passing yards” in context.


Tackling was a problem. Our defensive backfield is a problem. However, the difference in the game was our 3 turnovers. We scored handily when we didn’t turn it over. I predicted 45-24 win. Without the TO’s, that’s about what it would’ve been. Seems like most predictions were in that range. After all, we knew BP would know how to score.

We need to eliminate turnovers if we want to have a good season. At least we need to be on the plus side of them by a good margin

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An outstanding short statement that says so much!

In several threads these last couple days, I’ve fumbled and stumbled through about 1,000 words trying to say what you said in that one short sentence.

Definitely was a missed facemask on that play. The tenor of the game would have been much different. I figure our margin of victory would have been 25 points at least.

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