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As of Saturday, Connor Noland will have started a college football game as a quarterback and started a CWS game as a pitcher.

The only other player known to have done that was Todd Helton, who started 3 games at QB in 1994 for Tennessee (before being replaced by Peyton Manning) and then started on the mound for the Vols in the 1995 CWS.

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He’s also one of the very few QBs In history to start and win a game coached by Chad Morris :joy:



That will become trivia lore years down the road.

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dorcester2 says it all … rolling with laughter in this horrid temperature :sweat_smile:

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Connor has already started a CWS game. Saturday will be his second.


If memory serves, he pitched really well against FSU but we lost 1-0 or 2-0?

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Campbell pitched against FSU and was great but had no run support.

Noland started the Texas Tech game. I think he pitched into the fifth.

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Yep. And turns out there were three; the third is also very familiar to Hog fans: James Street of Texas, who played in three straight CWS in addition to, well, you know…

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He’s been a great Razorback.

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Awesome post. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
UA…Campus of Champions

Post of the Day winner !

Street was a fair athlete. :grin:

Yeah, he was decent. He also would have considered coming to Arkansas if we’d been playing SWC baseball then, but we weren’t. He went to Longview High, where we got Loyd and Terry Don Phillips.

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