A very important question regarding umps

Which ones will work the Championship Series and who will get the Key assignments?

The reason I ask is Perry Costello is working 3B tonight. If this is the Championship Series crew, and they rotate clockwise as usual, that would means Costello will be at 1B in a pivotal G2 of the Championship Series and if there is a winner-take-all G3, he would be behind the plate.

That would be our historical luck in a nutshell. My heart literally wouldn’t be able to take that.

Please tell me that given our history with Costello, the NCAA will avoid such a nightmare.

There are two crews working Omaha. Costello is on this one. Given the rotation, we’ll get his crew Tuesday (and he should be at 2B) and the other crew would get Monday and Wednesday if needed.

Thus, if my interpretation is correct, one other huge benefit of winning last night. If we’d lost, then won tonight, we’d get Costello’s crew Monday and Wednesday, and he would have been behind the plate for the winner take all game Wednesday.

So far we have had good luck with the draw of home plate umpires compared to years past. Swine you normally have it right! Avoiding Perry Costello behind the plate is awesome.
May only complaint in all the games is the use of replay and it’s not the umpires fault
That’s not limited to the hogs games. I have watched them all!
This is one my most favorite times of the year!