A very good day

I turned off the tv last night after seeing we had lost in the 10th inning. Another frustrating day as a Hog fan. No good news on MA’s replacement, losing streak for the only good team we had, and just a crappy ending to a day. Then I get up and get the news we had won. Watched us kick them in the teeth today with outstanding pitching I didn’t think we had, and realized that’s 3 series wins on the road. And on another note, watched as classy a representative of Razorback sports, Maria Fassi play at Augusta and show more sportsmanship than any one I can ever remember. Moral to my story is, not every day is going to be a winner but I need to appprecite those really good days while not agonizing over the others as much as I do. Easier said than done.

After the Auburn dog pile after it thought it had won, it was Arkansas 11-0

Auburn is getting good at premature celebrations…

Yes, it’s a bad day in Auburn land today. I don’t grieve for them. I don’t even feel one bit of sorrow for what they endured yesterday. There are some good people at Auburn, but there are also more than their share who will break the rules and laugh while they do it. Bruce Pearl has found God, or something. I guess he knows he needs to be praying and thankful for dodging the fall into the abyss. He still may wind up there. But so far, he’s just skating on the edge and looking in. I’d be praying, too.

It tells you a great deal about the moral compass of Auburn and its leaders by seeing them extend Bruce Pearl’s contract in spite of the FBI scandal and 2 assistants fired for wrongdoing. 2 players have had to sit out and Miss playing time because of illegal payments and I’m wondering how they dodged NCAA penalties to this point!
He still may end up fired over the FBI probe. It’s not over.

I posted this in another thread. The woman who does my job the other 12 hours a day is an Auburn fan. We were talking at shift change this morning and she was bemoaning the foul call; I don’t think she knows enough basketball to know the double dribble question. Then she asked me if we had loyalty to other SEC programs in the tournament, etc. I said generally yes, but for me, Pearl and Malzahn are, shall we say, ethically challenged and it’s very difficult to root for Auburn. She just smiled and nodded. If they beat Bama, nobody at AU cares if they cheat. Which she readily acknowledged.

I was in Durham, NC last night & sat at dinner with a couple of Bama fans & Tenn fans. The Bama couple has a daughter that just graduated from Auburn so they were pulling for them. I opined that I normally pull for the SEC, but I’m confidant Pearl is cheating. The Bama guy just shrugged me off. Acted as if he didn’t believe it or didn’t care. Not sure which. I thought AU got screwed on the call, but I didn’t really care. I didn’t want them in the NCAA final