A very critically important question!

Just kidding…

But what is our uniform situation after the laundry mishap?

I was wondering the same thing:slightly_smiling_face:

New unis ordered. Pink unis will be used for breast cancer awareness games.

Arkansas is going to wear the creams and the grays the rest of the season, with the possible exception of some being ready in time for Omaha. I was told there was no way to get that many uniforms ordered and made in such a short amount of time.

Arkansas did not take its cream jerseys on the trip to Athens and Hoover. When the laundry mistake was made, the team’s equipment manager put all of the cream jerseys in his car and drove them to Alabama.

:lol: :lol:

Yes, I bet they do get some new red jerseys ready for Omaha. Get there and they will be waiting on them.

I personally wish we would wear the creams all the time at home

They wear them every weekend, on Sundays.