A true indication of Thanksgiving

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I try my best to avoid whipped cream. My taste buds say
number four.

#4 Richard, but we have Sweet Potato pie!!

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Number 4 for sure!!

Peach and sweet potato pies at our house with a dose of number 4!

Definitely #4 if I’m forced to eat pumpkin pie.
If it’s peach, cherry, or apple pie (cobbler) it’s #4 style but with ice cream.

Number 4, but Pecan pie, or as we used to call it, Karo nut pie.

  1. All things in moderation.

We will have pecan pie AND peach pie.

Number 3, but only because I also have a piece of pecan pie with ice cream!

I remember I used a whole can of whip cream on a piece of pie. I didn’t realize the can emptied so quickly. Megan wasn’t happy with me.

I’m not a big pumpkin or pecan pie eater, but it’s #4 whatever I eat.

#3 with Pumpkin pie. The best though is hot apple pie (or cobbler) with #4’s amount of ice cream.

I’ve had both pecan pie and peach pie Friday night. The banana pudding is gone.

trick question, since we have sweet potato pie! but then, number 3 is about my speed.


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