A toast to the Hogs


How many bottles of that have you got??? We are all coming over!

LOL. I had one single serving bottle and that is what you see. It’s nearly gone now. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I only very rarely drink anymore (personal choice…not a “teetotaler”)…but after our win today, one of our regulars in the watch party group bought shots for the group…it wasn’t peppermint schnapps but something very similar…don’t remember now. But let’s just say that I’m such a lightweight (when it comes to drinking) anymore that the one shot left me with a nice warm mini-buzz for the next 2-3 hours…lol…

Marty, I used to consider a 32 oz bottle of Dr. Pepper a single serving. :grin:

Up until 6-8 years ago I drank 6-8 cans of Full Throttle every day. 7 days a week.

I stopped as was eating up my teeth. I washed my mouth out a lot. I would guess I was 60 when I stopped. As I was very hyper. The reason was I went for all I could get or do. Working 15 hours a day.

But I guess 14 Crowns maybe was the main reason. At 800 bucks a pop.

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