A time to deliver

Chad Morris is now getting initiated to realities of AR football. We should have been better this year than last year and we were not. Was it lack of effort, discipline, or poor preparation and play calling? I do not know, but something was amiss from the start of the season. Now we have one thing to hang our hat on, good recruiting for 2019 and perhaps beyond. But that does not put any W’s on the board at this time, therefore, Chad and the Crew still have to prove they can develop players, plan and prepare for games, coach and win. The coaching staff is also going through a learning curve themselves, the SEC. They now have seen what it takes to coach and win in this league. Yes, at present no one is at fault. We are in this situation because of bad decisions of the past leadership. We have supported the team by attendance and donations. We are reasonable people. Again, we are willing to give Chad and his staff ample time to recruit and build a program; a complete cycle of five years with gradual improvements. It is time they show us what they got.

Chad’s biggest off the field problem - due to 2-10 and the past 6 years the collective patience of Razorback fans is wearing very, very thin.

I think his honeymoon is over and people want to see a competitive product quickly. However tgst won’t be easy given he’s dealing with a mess of a roster - as bad as any I can remember.

Not a good situation at all.

I agree. When I look at SEC, it is frightening how good the conference is and how far we have to get there. It takes time to develop a winning team. As you said our patience is getting thinner and thinner. But he deserves the necessary time to do his thing.

Don’t expect miracles so soon. So 3-4 years before we’re respectable & competing with the big boys. Flip a roster, new recruits thrown in the fire immediately, only a few starters & lettermen returning, probable unexpected transfers we wanted to keep, last but not least-the system & playbook learning.

I think Chad knew this season was going to be rocky after fall practice started or by the first game. They knew then it will take very good recruiting classes from this point to win here.

That being said look no further than Kentucky, Vanderbilt, & Missouri where they came from the last 4 years. This year they were experienced cohesive teams running their respective systems and it showed.

He has the keys to the program. It is in as bad of position that it has ever been. I do not remember ever being the clear cut worst team in the conference. I hope he has strong convictions and can rise above all the negativity with a positive attitude and clear vision of where he is taking the team. He still has a lot of learning to do given the product he put on the field this year. A steady hand, open mind and sharp eye for talent is needed. May he find the studs and pass on the duds. It can be done. Keep your head down and your body working. As Charles Morse from the movie The Edge famously said “what one man can do, another can do.” Nobody owns success, its out there, it just rarely falls in your lap.

Recruit and develop. That’s the mission. There were 15 true freshmen who played Friday at Missouri. Some of those will be good players. I haven’t seen enough practice this year to say much about them, but there are some good players among them. I think Noah Gatlin, Shane Clenin, Silas Robinson are some I hold hope for on the offensive line. I think Robinson will develop into a solid center.

He’ll get the 3-4 years to get it turned around.

It’'s not going to happen in 2 - which would be unfair to any coach and limit your options for the next guy - and he won’t get fired at the end of 2.

I think he could be fired next year if he goes 2-10 again. Be we could sneak in at 6-6 w the 4 non-conference w’s and a 2-6 SEC record…I think he’s ok at 5-7 matching his 2nd season at SMU.

there is precedent within the conference for quicker than usual dismissal, see esp UofF Gators. If you wait too long you have surrounded yourself with inescapable quicksand, our models seem to be OM after Coach O (yaw, yaw, yaw, yaw yaw, football) (new Coach O is crying production https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/lsu-f … in-remade/). Of course they did get the grace of Hootie and crew as a seeming rescue OR we are more like UT who did make an improvement this year despite same damn talent level and problems as us. If CCM loses to OM this year then he needs his vote of confidence to let him know he is running out of time. 5 years for coaching change is not the new orange.

Fans will be apoplectic if we go 2-10 next year, but I’m very confident we’ll do better than that. Not certain we’ll be better than 4-8, but I think we will. However, there’s no way we should fire a coach after two years who inherited the mess Morris did.

Let’s remember: this team won only 3 games last year with a much better QB. I didn’t see anything from the coaching staff to make me especially optimistic, but I didn’t see anything to make me think it’s going to fail, either. It just had too much baggage to work with. We’ll know a little more next year, but we can’t really start to judge until at least 3 seasons have passed.

He needs to show improvement, but there is probably a better chance of me putting on a Cubs, Lakers or Redskins hat than that happening.

None of those hats will ever be on my head.

Are you saying you don’t think they can get to 5-7 or in other words sweep the non conference games and win just one SEC game?

Not to speak for DD, he is saying they won’t go 2-10…er, I think. :smiley: