A thought on next year

I’m excited about the kids we have coming in next year. They all appear to be long, athletic, and have basketball skills. The one that should be a key player for us I think is the Henderson kid…6’9" and probably still growing. I have a hard time knowing how good he is. The time that I watched him I did not see a lot to justify his high rating but then I have only seen him the one time. Him along side of Gafford would be fun to watch.
Our Defense has got to go to another level. It has really been weak the last few years and that is on the coaching staff. I remember Nolan always saying at the first of the year, our offense is behind the defense. We have been working more on D than O. The O will come but we have got to get the D right…What ever it takes our D has got to improve. We need lock down defenders. I realize that the rules have changed such that the offense has more advantages than before but we have got to be able to stop penetration and rebound (rebounding being part of D). Grr! I’m not one of these “Fire the Coach” fans. I like our staff. I Just want teams to dread coming down the court against us. Not too much to ask for.

Good reasoning labb. Better defense is a must. I’m still a Mike fan even though we ended the year in disappointment.

Mike will not be fired this year. Won’t happen.

They will be good players, but, although I’m satisfied, I not excited about them. Based on previous players, it seems to me that Arkansas high school players are usually a little, but not a lot, overrated.

Do you think that the evaluations that come out of AAU play overrates them?