A theory on how this could play out...

What if Long is ready to move on? I think he loves it here, but maybe he’s ready for a change.

What if Long really likes CBB, and believes he’ll turn things around? I do believe this to be true.

What if the BOT is split on CBB and they instruct Chancellor Steinmetz to give Long the authority to make decision?

If the above is true, would Long be willing to be the scapegoat?

Long let’s CBB return.

Long renegotiates CBB contract with new 5-year contract (for recruiting) with a very low buyout, making CBB replaceable after next season, if necessary. CBB would agree because he believes he can turn things around, too.

Long leaves for another AD job before next season.

CBB replaces some coaches.

Some fans are satisfied. Fans that aren’t happy blame Long.

We let next year play out.

I am fine with this scenario. Except I hope Long stays. He’s been a good AD. Maybe he’s not a huge people person. Maybe he’s made the old boys feel less powerful. Oh well.

He brought in Bret…which I still think was a good hire. It takes awhile to correct a dumpster fire.
He brought in Mike. And kept him when the rhetoric as just as bad as it is towards Bret…with a racist tinge from some.
He brought Nolan back into the fold.
His other programs are doing well.

I’d like Long to stay, too. He’s been here 10 years. If he has an opportunity to take another good P5 job, maybe he takes it now and controls his own path, instead of putting his future in the hands of the FB coach; either CBB or a new hire.

I’m sure the new Chancellor will be on board with plan like this which will put him on the hot seat…NOT! :smiley:

Also, I don’t get the whole replace the coaches deal. Didn’t we already do that last year? My gosh, every coach off the original staff except Smith and Lunney are gone and for the most part replaced by less talented coaches. Two questions:

  1. Why would any coach want to come work for the coach listed by College Football News as having the 2nd Hottest Seat in the country? I don’t think they will but I’m open to being convinced otherwise.

  2. When is Bret going to be held accountable? We have all of these “distractions” held up by Bielema supporters to deflect attention from him - incompetent Robb Smith, the OL coach that was an NFL intern that doesn’t know what he’s doing, Ole Rory Segrest was in over his head, yada,yada, yada! Fellas, these guys were hired by by Bielema yet folks that defend him wanted (and got) their scalps or for the ones still hear want to see them go but yet they want to keep the man that hired these supposedly incompetent coaches. Really?!?

I’ll take a shot at answering question two - he’s being held accountable NOW. The time has come for Bret to listen to a little Metallica “ For Whom the Bell Tolls” and realize this time it doesn’t ring for Robb, Rory, or any other scapegoat boogeyman of the past. Finally, thank God, it tolls for the man that’s responsible for this train wreck!!!