A text from my son

“ I am sitting on a subway in Wuhon China watching the Top 10 highlights of the Chinese Basketball LG, they are almost all of Courtney Fortson and Sonny Weems. “

that’s awesome! that your son is in china, that he knows his hogs (no surprise there), and that those hogs are doing well professionally!

thx for the post, made my Friday am!


Wonder if the Chinese like Fortson’s hair?

It good to see the Hog’s still making a living playing the game…

Fortson is a god in China. If I’m not mistaken, he has a line of sneakers. Next step, a statue like Starbury.

He just ran into Portis at LAX.

Courtney lives just a few blocks over from me…when he is not overseas.

He’s done well for himself.

Courtney apparently was the 2018 MVP of the Chinese league. And they do pay rather well over there.