Not surprising after GameDay announced it will be at the game, but Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit and Holly Rowe will be the ESPN talent for Saturday’s game at Georgia.

This will be the first time Fowler and Herbstreit have called an Arkansas game since 2017.


I bet the suits in Bristol are going “and we put this at noon?”


Maybe, but contrary to popular belief, the early game has TV value. Fox has found this and cornered a market by putting its marquee game in the early slot. The Ohio State-Oregon game on Fox on Sept. 11 was the third-most watched game this year. The most-watched game was the CBS game between Florida and Alabama, and the second was Georgia and Clemson on ABC primetime.

That said, I think ESPN hedged its bets on Auburn-LSU being a bigger game than Arkansas-Georgia and it backfired. Absent of a great game in Baton Rouge, the most eyeballs will be on Athens.

This is correct. There’s also a vast difference between being the 11 a.m. game on ESPN (with the Gameday picks lead-in) rather than SEC Network or SEC Network+…

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