A Sweet Sweep

Of the hated rebellious ones on Freshman night!

This is the first time Arkansas has swept Ole Miss in the regular season since 2005 - two years before Andy Kennedy arrived. Of course they haven’t played twice every year in a while, but that is still notable. Kennedy’s teams have been a thorn in the Hogs’ side.

It’s always good to beat the Rebears no matter the sport. It’s galled me that they’ve beaten us so many times when we had the better team. Aside from that, though, it was really important for us to get this win. With 5 SEC games to play, we badly need to win 3 of them. A loss tonight would have really hurt our NCAA chances. Now if we do go 2-3 the rest of the way, we still have a shot.

Regardless, OM isn’t going to the NCAA without winning the SECT. And we swept them. A good night all around.

I thought it was great Arkansas brought its own energy tonight and maintained it defensively even though shots weren’t falling on the other end. That can be really difficult in relatively dead venues like The Pavilion was tonight aside from when the Rebels went on their run to open the second half. Darious Hall’s effort was evident and it definitely became contagious.

It always good to beat the rednecks of Oxford.
The next 5 games are huge!
4-1 could get the hogs to the 4 seed in the SEC tournament.
We need to see an inspired bunch of hogs.
Texas A&M scored 58 points tonight without Wilson who is out for the season!
Both of A&M’s big men struggled. The freshmen point guard struggled as well. Maybe having them on the hill Saturday is a good thing. They are dangerous.
The hogs are due for a fast start on offense.

seems like we’ve always struggled with them in basketball.

So nice to sweep them, I don’t care if their coach is leaving or the game was ugly.

Great to watch our fresh play well, including Gabe.


This. I remember struggling year in and year out, even when we were really good.