A sweet Godly Christian Team

Like tOSU gets hosed by Bama and its cheating refs. This is terrible.

Even a yellow belly coward like Devonta Smith won’t show his cowardly face after this one.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this post was drug induced.

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tosu needed some drugs after tonight, I don’t like either but bama was the lesser of to evils.

I think there was just a tad of sarcasm in pavlov’s response to this beatdown. I wonder how the TOSU folks would like playing 11 SEC reams in one season?

I think he was using reverse psychology

JWright did that for years and years.


He just trying to inspire tOSU for next year.
When they may have to play a full schedule.

A severe butt-whuppin was the first thing entering their minds this am

Miss JWright’s musings…

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O-State probably still signing footballs for tat’s before the kickoff… welcome to the SEC Tat-U.

I miss my Wrightie, the point guard/water boy.

What ever happened to Wright?

tOSU = nice innocent boy scouts helping little old ladies across the street

Bama = vicious serial killers with chains and wearing Marc Curles masks

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I think it’s actually Bammer’s evil cousins that worship little statues of Curles.

pooooor tosu buckies,where’s jim trashell and his personal refs when you need him.

tOSU = players panhandling sweet little old ladies for tattoo $$

Bama = players applying the tattoos without use of a tattoo gun. Selling them Tide jerseys at 100% mark up.

Wright is always right, even when he’s wrong.

He is still around and I think he reads the boards once in a while. I share my Gym’backs tickets with him, so I will see him Friday. I don’t know how we will handle baseball. Who knows if we can even get tickets to the same game. He is not allowed to sit in his seat, so he usually sits with me or with DocEstes.


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