A Sure Sign End is near for an Ark. Coach

  1. When the hosts of the Bo Mattingly Show are debating whether or not Arkansas would beat Arkansas State and there is disagreement on the matter. One host said ASU is better and Arkansas could not win the Sun Belt. What a pathetic commentary on the Arkansas program!

  2. When the ASU coach is able to come to the LR Touchdown Club and make fun of the state of the Arkansas program and laughter ensues it goes viral with the national media.

Arkansas athletic administrators can weather a lot of things, but being made fun of by ASU in the Capitol City in front of the city’s business leaders and having statewide media questioning whether or not Arkansas would beat ASU is not one of them.

Lets play Arkansas State ten times and Arkansas will win ten times.
Anyone who takes anything like this seriously knows nothing or has an anti-CBB agenda. This is mostly the case.
I am losing faith like everyone else, buts lets be serious.

If Troy can beat LSU on a given day then ASU could certainly beat Arkansas on a given day. The gap is more narrow than it ever should be. Of note ASU is ahead of Arkansas in the latest Power rankings.

I am now convinced that BB will be back next year as head coach.

Not that comparative scores mean anything, every situation and game is different. But ASU is at New Mexico St. this week :wink:

Did somebody say the Hogs would beat ASU 10 outa 10 this year? :lol:

it is sad but ASU has definitely closed the gap

theres no question about that

Oh it reallynpissed me off to see A States coach say that, and not because he said it, because it’s the dang truth. CBB is a big loser, we are losers right now, it infuriates me.

I wouldn’t want to play them this year, because I sure wouldn’t bet on the hogs to win.

sad that we are at this point, but you hit the nail on the head.

I can guarantee that the excuse will be ‘injuries’, but lets hope that it doesn’t fly

I doubt AR would beat ASU or much of anybody else. Costal carolina will be a difficult game.

Come on Colorado, Coastal has won one game. We win big time. Get real.

IMO, another large sign would be the empty stands. You have to talk about hope of winning or you will forget to figure in the $'s generated by game attendance.

To me it shows the class of that other Coach over there. Also the people who bought into it.
Gap or no gap.

I don’t disagree with you…but the fact that there is a discussion about whether Arkansaa is better than ASU in year five of Bielema’s supposed rebuild speaks volumes about the job he has done.

No disagreement here as well on that aspect. CBB has made the bed he is sleeping in now for sure.
Maybe UCA needs to argue they could beat A State a few times out of ten.

I believe UCA is actually top 5 in the country in FCS if I’m not mistaking.
I’m sure they would give both us and Astate a run for our/their money.

Atleast there are some programs to be proud of in the state. (I died a little inside saying that)

Exactly, you get my point. A State and that Coach needs to get off of their high horse.
Of course we are riding a Shetland currently.

I can’t blame him though personally. His team is winning, he’s a young, up and comer who’s likely going to get a pretty decent gig soon. This helps get his name out there even more. Why not take a jab at a program that’s burning in flames right now?

I hate it, but he’s certainly got room to throw punches. We wouldn’t be in this position if Bret could do what his job pays him 4.5 m a year to do.

What will you talk about when that day comes? How his replacement isn’t who you would have picked? Can’t wait! Oh joy!

It is a sad state of affairs. But, Bo is gonna Bo. That’s why you saw him slip the knife in Bielema’s back with quickness.

His agenda is stirring the pot so he can get the most listeners and then the most advertisers or charge more for his advertising.

If that means trotting out the “would Arkansas beat Asu” stuff when Arkansas is God awful then he will do it in a heartbeat.

As for the Asu coaches, that’s what they’ve done for decades and it isn’t going to stop. They’re jealous haters. Always have been and always will be.

What they don’t know or care to realize is that by being that way they turn off a lot of people who might be casual supporters of their program.

And, of course people laughed. Have you read this board? Your posts? We and the people who go to those TD Club meetings are rabid fans and many of you all have spent months mocking the program.

Why would the venue (particularly since some central Arkansas ASU fans undoubtedly attended) be any different.

Lastly, it didn’t go viral. Something being Internet karaoke on some internet sports sites doesn’t make something viral. No one cares about our program or ASU’s, nationally.

But, I agree that it’s sad that this is where we are. It’s going to be a long few months full of giddy posts like this from you and others to go with all the ridiculious coaching search speculation and Malzahn posts.

I’ll be happy when they hire someone else. It will be refreshing to hear the constant drum beat stop for a few weeks.

I’m all for someone promoting and proving oneself on the field and ability. Just don’t care for some one who does it by clowning or demeaning others with their Mouth. JMO.