a statement loss

this was the one.
when I look at the schedule before the season and project Ws and Ls in the back of my mind i am seeing losses to both exSWC teams as a real but unTHINKABLE possibility.
a worst case scenario that i didnt allow my self to consider

all of us on here love the Razorbacks.

our differences lie in how much rope we want to give the coach
really thats it.
from HDN to BP to Beilema… wouldve been hatfield or ford too if we had access back in the day…
(imagine what the board would have looked like after the citadel loss )

otherwise we are united

when you are winning you can get away with a lot as a HC both with the administration and the fanbase…BP crossed the line and then conveniently for AD had a motorcycle wreck and showed up on espn in a cervical collar looking like he had been assaulted… thats what it took to remove coach nefarious during the highest pinnacle of razorback football since… ?when

our AD came out of that smelling like a rose in the eyes of the nation and espn.
Coach Nefarious has done pretty darn well also
The only debris on the side of the road is the motorcyle and our football program.

it appears our current HC is doing all the good things that Coach Nefarious did not do.
“cleaned up the program” .
i love the UNCOMMON theme but it is as hard to live up to that lofty goal as it is to win in the SEC.
nevertheless by all the metrics we see quoted our program has been cleaned up… pelphried i guess you could say.

the only thing our current coach has not done is win.
unfortunately this is a job requirement.

this most recent loss… really a blue print beliema loss… will be the last straw for a lot of fans
me included.

its only a matter of timing now.
the search is on

Good read Elvis. Well done. Love the Coach Nefarious reference.

Heck no. Pelphrey ransacked our basketball program left mike with terrible apr and short a scholarship. That was big blue hatchet job to razorback basketball right there. Hiring a Kentucky basketball player to coach the freaking Arkansas Razorbacks was the most outlandish hire EVER… but an Ohio/Michigan/Pennsylvania northern-midwest AD hiring this Iowa/Wisconsin midwestern pig farmer I mean football coach is becoming a close second.