A State’s Wikipedia page

For baseball


“Rivalry” listed as “Arkansas”

Curious for a team played so rarely
But we know why they would list it

Pretty weak! I hope
We don’t play them anymore.

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I think the technical term rhymes with Venus envy.


Not only are we playing them, we are paying them big money to play us in football.

HY wants to help them.

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Pay them to play someone else.

They could get more to take a beating from Alabama or Texas or somebody like that, to be honest. We’re paying other rent a wins more than we’re paying them.

We gave them a much better deal than we could’ve even if we wanted to play them. We allowed them something like 10,000 tickets to WMS. (Might have been more; I don’t remember.). They’re raising money off those tickets. In addition, the publicity they’re going to get from this game is invaluable to them. We could have offered to pay them $500k and allowed them 2k tickets. They’d have jumped at it. If they rejected such an “insulting” offer, we could have said, “you had your chance to play us and didn’t take it.”

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Bogle Park has a bigger capacity than their baseball stadium…and Baum-Walker is 10x the size…illusions of glander

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