A Sporting Virus Casuality

We have tickets to the Finals of Cheyenne Frontier Days every year in late July. I know you have read Clay bring up that event from time to time. He has been with us. He had never heard of George Strait until I asked him to come out for FDs and see George (& fish). He just recently did an piece on here about one of his trips. That trip included CFDs and George.

We just learned that it has been canceled for this year. The reasons give some insight. WY has almost not been affected at all by CV. CFDs brings in people from all over the world. The city of Cheyenne and the state of WY is afraid that all those people would bring it into the area.

This is not a small deal. Cheyenne is a small city. This 2 weeks brings in a big, big boost to the economy, and it’s loss will put a real hurt on the whole area. It is also a very big deal for the PRCA and it’s members. This is one of the real major stepping stones to the NFR. All of that is now in limbo.

CFD has been going each year for over 120 yrs. through 2 world wars and all sorts of other events. Not this year.

That’s really a shame, but the City of Cheyenne is right. You can bet some of those tourists would bring the virus.

That is a very sad, but wise, decision.

It’s a tough loss for Cheyenne not to mention the Cowboys, Cowgirls, Stock Contractors and vendors that will lose income from the cancellation.

But definitely the correct decision.

Just one of many losses from the pandemic.

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Worked in Wyoming for a few years 2004-2006 and Frontier Days are special event. Lot of fun and very entertaining.
Shame they won’t take place year.

So based on the decision of the powers to be in Cheyenne, we should cancel the Razorbacks football season and the HS football season as well?

That my friend is a good question. Cheyenne and more so WY has had very little. They are remote in a lot of ways, especially in the winter). They got pretty upset back in April at Colorado folks going up there (I did not really blame them for a ton of reasons and the virus is only one). I guess they hope to keep it that way. Still, there are always loads of people traveling to WY by car from all over each summer. It is a major tourist destination. Those folks do not tend to all be in one spot for any time (unless you count animal jams in Yellowstone).

How does that relate to Arkansas? You living there can answer that better than I. It has been years since I lived there. I suspect that a Razorback Football Game does not have the out of state draw percentage wise as does Frontier Days, but there are still a lot from all over. Just look at this board.

There is no answer. No way can we say it will be “Safe” in Sep. Will it ever be “Safe”? Can we continue to stay afraid to go out? These are all questions for which I can only answer for myself and would never try to answer for anyone else.

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