A Sneaking Suspicion Who Is To Blame

Hi Everyone. At the beginning of the season you may remember that I brought up a new topic titled, “Very Superstitious.” I had decided to abandon my superstitious tee-shirts, chair position, remote control placement, etc. Well, I would like to sincerely apologize for the downward spiral I’ve caused this season. Had I known that not adhering to my weird, ritualistic game-day superstitions was going to bring this program to it’s knees, I would have never done it. I apologize profusely. I now know that my superstitious ways weren’t intended to facilitate a conference championship or a 10-win season. But, my superstitious ways were designed to guarantee us a 6 to 8 win season. So, in an effort to salvage this season, I have my lucky tee shirt on and I am in the right position on the recliner with the remote pointed in the right direction and my hand is resting on the proper armrest. I am ready. Good things should happen now. I apologize for even trying this experiment. It was a huge failure.

Yep. Has to be reason and nothing to do with totally inept line play.

Well, sure…that, too.

Way to man up JP…

Admitting you have a problem is the first step in recovery…

How could you do this to us?!

I respectfully request that you implement some new and improved rituals in order to try to return us to our mediocre ways.

Thank you sir.

Let’s just try and get through today and I may have to work up some new kind of Vodoo magic for an 8-10 win season. But, I’ll work on that in the off-season.

I stuck with my plan until the final tackle. You’re welcome. Just sayin’

Well thanks, JP.

My belief on how to have at least a 6-8 win season is hire Brett Bielema. If you want to win a conference championship or have a 10 win season, bring Barry Alvarez with him. :slight_smile:

Really! Do you have to comment on EVERY single post and be a debbie-downer?? Just lighten up!!

Did you have to comment on my comment?