A small tidbit of what Arkansas is fighting in recruiting

The perception of Arkansas among out-of state kids isn’t the greatest. We all know that. It’s something the Hogs have to fight to get kids on campus.

This is a recent example:

A parent of a recruit was asking his son why Arkansas? He thought there were bigger and better schools for his son. The dad visited Arkansas with his son and was blown away. He now understands why his son is so high on Arkansas.

IF we can get recruits to campus we stand a chance. This recruits dad is just prime example of getting them there, there is a perception that our facilities and campus aren’t very good when just the opposite is true!

This bodes well for the change in the rule allowing parents to go with their kids on the official visit.

This is where I am stunned that the UofA does not create a series of Videos to show how great it is. Stunned.

They can create videos until the cows come home, but the kids (and their parents) then have to see them. I’m sure that BB, MA and other coaches have that sort of thing at their disposal, but those videos do nothing until someone watches them.

They send mailings that detail the positives of the school and Fayetteville. You can’t send videos to kids. The only videos you can do are for the general public.

OK then we should have a video page on Razorback website that is a public page for fans and players to watch.

Let’s be honest. There are a lot of great towns, communities and universities in the country. I’m sure there are many that I would find just as beautiful as the one I attended and town in which I currently live. It’s hard to see everywhere and everyone. You aren’t going to build a program on trying to get guys to your campus so you can impress them. That will get you 1 out of 5 high profile recruits that visit. The other 4 go to top 10 programs regardless of what the facilities are and what the community is like.

UA athletics produces many videos. i think most are already available on its site if you look. The are videos promoting the academics aspects too produced by UA. They are not hard to find.