*A Sign of Progress

I was sort of reviewing things and it hit me. This is year 3 for Sam. I still remember how excited I was after that MSU win when they were ranked. It was a big, big win for the program no doubt. Saturday, they beat a playoff, ranked team and it was like this is how it is suppose to be. Sure, everybody is happy for the win against a good team, but nothing really, real special.

Saturday, they play the first SEC game. We all know what that means. There are no easy wins or anything close in the SEC. They will have another close, hard fought game. To keep it going, they will have to go out and win. It is the way it is.


Likely our two best defenders did not play the majority of the second half, and we won.


First games are always tough because you don’t usually go best on best very much so you’re seeing a much better opponent across the field from you then you have been seeing, then you add the excitement of the crowd and they’re just going to be mistakes no other way to put it.

The offense outside of a few costly penalties played very well, will only get better as the season goes on.

Defensively there were a lot of correctable mistakes, yes there are a few decisions that will have to be made as far as who actually plays going forward.
I saw mistakes that were not lack of speed for the most part,but lack of fundamental day one football that can be corrected very easily, again you got a big crowd, first game, you just had lack of attention to detail that stood out like a giant sore thumb.
I expect us to look much better this week against SC they do not have a very physical offensive line and a very immobile quarterback who can throw the football very well but with pressure hopefully he throws it to us like he did Georgia state two times Saturday.


Since Rattler already has a way to high opinion of himself even before he plays his first SEC game,
claiming that playing against any SEC team will be easier (EASIER?) than playing against his former
Big-10 teams I just don’t get his reasoning there.
Hopefully the RAZORBACKS can change his way of thinking this coming weekend. I sure hope he’s


This is what bothers me … there were a lot of articles and talk about the new secondary coach and his attention to detail… but what we watched was very much a lack of attention to detail. Did they play completely different from what they’ve been taught and practiced?

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There are many parts to any defensive scheme that all need to do their job for that scheme to be successful. Bishop definitely showed poor technique on his press coverage, letting their “bigger than him” receivers get off the line without being touched. Once past, they did not out run him but he also did not catch them. Cincy is well coached and they attacked him repeatedly. Some of the other wide open players were due to the blitzing part of that man to man scheme was not reaching the QB in time and, given enough time, a good QB will eventually find an open receiver. We also do not know if the second team safeties were failing to “help” the corners in press coverage. Unless it is an “all out” blitz, the pressing corners usually have some help if needed. I am sure Odom and his staff will find the right combination needed to attack the next opponent. A simple solution is to have one or more defensive linemen who force double and triple teams to hold them out which allows the others chances to win one on one blocks and make sacks. There is a shortage of those at Arkansas and they have to scheme to compensate.

Yeah they most certainly can play totally different than you have taught them I have had it happen to me numerous times lol. I have not been at practice so I really don’t know the techniques that he has been teaching but I’ve heard the players say he’s very specific about being technique sound I think this was just a case of players not doing what they’ve been taught to do and thinking they might could get away with it and now they know they can’t.
South Carolina does not run the ball that well I expect to see a lot of 3-2-6 this weekend to try to limit Rattlers vision downfield

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I get scheme and don’t expect that receivers will never get past a corner deep but the lack of that changing most of the game is the part I don’t understand. I mean once you fail to make contact and keep getting beat, I would expect the coach to crawl up your, well behind, and get that corrected. It seems we never made that adjustment the entire game hence my confusion/concern. I also agree that given time most receivers will find a way to get open but what I saw was receivers getting open very quickly.

I’m sure we’ll get better and make some adjustments, just seems we have this conversation every year.

You’re probably correct but I just think the coach should have addressed that during the game, if in fact they were not doing what they were coached to do… I know we, the board, complained about this very thing last year…

I agree with you 100% Youda. I think they will run more three down against the chickens

Well Bishop was pulled after getting burned for the second time on the same series and never came back in.

We have several new players that are not familiar with the scheme yet it does take time.I do agree there are some players who have experience and there is no excuse for them not playing proper technique. We are lacking speed with a couple of players and there’s really not a whole lot you can do about that, just is what it is.
That was a very experienced offensive line we faced this week and we still got 3 acks and several hurries but we will not always face that kind of experience including this weekend I expect us to be more effective in the pass rush then we were this weekend which to me really wasn’t bad.

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True, had forgotten that…

Yep, agree that was a good O line we faced and still got pressure… we won, covered the spread and I’m very happy with the team, just wish we could get the secondary better… hopefully they’ll improve as the season goes on…


And that very subtle, almost easily missed “turn that damned jukebox on” which, when you look at the original, it’s both amazing and kinda hilarious how it blossomed into what it is today.

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Josh Pate had a good point. You ever watch an NFL preseason game? It’s sloppy, and not just because they’re looking at guys who will be working at McDonald’s in a few weeks. Colleges don’t have preseason games. Their first live action counts for real. And it’s sloppy too. There’s a reason for the old saying that you make your most improvement between week one and week two.

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Understand that and expected some sloppy play… my only concern is that is exactly the same problem we had most of the year last year… I’m confident Sam is on it and said as much post game…

Another sign of progress. No false starts or lining up off sides—- to my recollection during game.

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Who started Saturday in our secondary who started in our last game against Missouri? I think only one of them played 1/2 against Cincy. I’m feeling pretty good that we won.

Clark played a hell of a game. Secondary was pretty good until injuries took out best 2 safeties.

Brini has talent has got to learn the scheme and well bishop needs to get over Clark beating him out and start to play.

May see rush 3 drop eight on Saturday and big Terry Hampton can take on middle of their line