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As we sit here in March of 2022, what is the difference between an N.I.L deal and a S.A.O.?

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Apparently no difference….


NIL is not supposed to be part of the recruiting pitch (but it is).

And although the rules have been changed, SAOs were still illegal in 2017 when Will Wade was caught on the wiretap. He broke the rules as they stood at the time. Big time. Just like Kelvin Sampson got nailed at Indiana and OU for making recruiting calls and texts which are now legal. They weren’t at the time, and he got caught (and got caught lying about it), and got a five-year show cause.

As I understand it, NIL money comes from businesses, not the university or corrupt coaches. SAO’s come from said corrupt coaches. Muss wouldn’t even discuss NIL for JWill at today’s presser.

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Everyone can have NIL. It has become legal. Making Strong Xxx offers like Wade and many others and getting caught is illegal. Wade signed 5 stars out of the north east that’s a red flag on itself!
Everyone needs to consider this!
An innocent man didn’t plea bargain to get his job back after being caught and suspended! Refusing to talk to your boss! Sign an amended contract that reduces pay and contains a clause that allows his employer to fire him if the NCAA comes back and charges the school with violations!
Don’t sound like a choir boy to me.
He’s a piece of work.


From a legality standpoint, there’s a big difference. NIL is documented, legal, taxes taken out, etc.

SAO’s are under the table, not legal, not taxed. The bag man at Auburn and the bag man at LSU are both in prison. cheating on the NCAA is one thing. messing with the IRS…a VERY different thing.


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The bag man at Auburn was convicted of accepting bribes, not IRS stuff. But you’re right that legality as opposed to violation of NCAA rules is a big deal.

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He’s a piece of something.

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But does he get an SEC championship ring?

You forget, their AD wanted to suspend and fire him, instead the AD was dismissed. The guy there now isn’t the same AD. I think they thought they could beat it. It is certainly not looking good, but I’d be surprised if LSU faces any punishment. Wade may get a show cause

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My guess is that LSU will have to vacate all victories with Javonte Smart (recipient of the SAO) in the lineup, plus any other players who should never have been eligible. Take away a scholie or two and reduce recruiting visits. And a show cause for SAO. Oh yeah, since they went to the Dance with Smart on the roster, repay all money received from the NCAA as a result of that.


So my understanding of NIL, is that it is an arrangement strictly between a business and a player for that player’s endorsement. The coaching staff and university can not be involved in these negotiations, nor can they funnel direct payments to players. But what about boosters? Could a Jerry Jones pay a speedy WR 200 G’s a year to come to Arkansas and wear Cowboy merchandise on social media?

Yeah, but why would he want to? (recruit wear cowboy merchandise, that is):grin:

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Same reason he would wear a chicken suit! Still looks silly but he got paid​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


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