A season without freshmen

I just realized we don’t have a single freshman on the roster. Has that happened before? I am sure it probably has, but I don’t recall.

Well we know it happened in 71-72. Not sure that it has happened since.

Do you remember anything peculiar that happened in 71-72?

Married my wife in 71…

She’s still hanging in there with me.

71-72 was the last year that freshmen were not eligible to play on the varsity. SI always had a piece in their season preview on Sophomores to watch.

Oh yeah. Justice Hill almost saved that streak for us.

It is not that important to have a freshman on the roster, but I thought it was unusual and almost unheard of.

Pretty unusual to say the least. Agree with you PJ.

One of the interesting stories I read about was when Lew Alcindor (now Kareem) sat out as a freshman. His freshman year they blew out the varsity Bruins who were 2 time defending champs.

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Great find Navy! I believe 1966 was the Glory Road season of Texas Western. I guess if Lewis Kareem, as Coach Wooden called him, had been eligible, that movie would never have been made.

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