A reminder that

Morris, Chavis, Smith and Cooper are doing in-home tonight with Jalen Catalon

Do you know if their visit is before or after the Texas coach visit today?

A tcu writer said that Texas and Arkansas Head coaches have already used their in home visit with Catalon so TCU head coach was the only one getting to do a in home this week. I’m guessing that’s not true since Morris is going.

My guess is we are the last visit if it is in the evening because sometimes they can last a couple of hours, unless you are visiting KB… :lol: :lol:

I hope we are the last visit and hope RD is spot on with the coaches that will be there and be present!

Obviously the TCU writer is wrong if Chad Morris is going in tonight.

Arkansas gets last visit tonight. Texas will go in before Arkansas.

I’m not sure TCU even went in this week. Not 100% on that.

Well I’m glad chad will be there. Jalens highlights are ridiculous, I hope he is a hog tomorrow

Got to be in our favor if Chad is directly involved & the last visit. That said Jalen & Family could be somewhat weary from all the visits and pitches given by then.
But CCM seems to have a no BS approach & builds relationships with the recruits & their families.
Fingers crossed.

Thanks for the update and follow up RD.