A reminder about the rules

The Whole Hogs Sports message boards are a place to debate issues regarding Razorback sports and other like topics. They are not a place to call each other names.

Remember WHS rule #3
[quote]Post with respect and civility. You don’t have to agree with someone to afford them the respect to post their thoughts, and you don’t have to like someone to be civil to them. If you have come to flame or you have an axe to grind, go elsewhere. This means no personal attacks - no name calling, no insulting comparisons (poster X is as dumb as a brick, etc.), and no editing of posters names in a mocking gesture. Do not use pejorative language to attack other posters, their character, intelligence, experience or education.

Isn’t the punishment that they have to sit in their kid’s principal’s office for the day?

One more time. I deleted a thread today that had degenerated yet again. If y’all keep it up some of you will soon be in timeout.

Apologies, sent you a pm