A refresher on costello

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I admit it’s a scary prospect. I know umps are human & will make bad calls, but if they’re consistent, that’s really all we can reasonably expect. Unfortunately, when several bad calls go against one side & not the other, then one can’t help but believe it’s not human error, but human prejudice. I’ve been watching Razorback sports for well over 50 years now. I’ve see some awful calls. I’ve seen some bad ones go our way. The only time I’ve ever thought an official was truly “crooked” was in the 1971 Liberty Bowl, the infamous Preston Watts. It’s possible there have been others, but he stands out.

If we get another version of Mr. Costello like we saw against So. Carolina & in the NCAA tournament against ASU in Phoenix a few years ago, I’ll put him into that category. Right now, I just hope he’s not behind the plate & if he is, he’s fair. I guess we’ll see. I don’t want to hold him to a higher standard than other umps–I’ll give him a mistake or two if they’re not one-sided–but I do want fairness.

I was at that liberty bowl game. I think frank chased Preston watts off the field. The fumble recovery wasn’t the only crooked call in that game. If Costello has done this twice to us already I can’t believe van Horne hasn’t raised issues with the NCAA. And I can’t believe the NCAA would put him behind the plate in one of our games.

As noted above, Costello was also behind the plate for Arkansas’ season-ending loss to Arizona State in 2010. There were a couple of questionable batter’s interference calls that night on Brett Eibner that squashed some potential productive innings.