A really creative way to lose a game

So creative, in fact, that I’m surprised it hasn’t happened to us.

UConn playing Cincinnati. Two lousy teams in a nothing game. Cincy up 7 late in the fourth, UConn throws into the end zone on the last play of the game. Incomplete, Cincy wins. Except for flying yellow laundry. Cincy was called for PI, ball put on the 2, UConn gets an untimed down. UConn throws a TD pass. But the guy who caught the touchdown gets more flying yellow laundry – for taunting. Back them up 15, and the kicker hooks the 35-yard XP wide left.

It did almost happen to us, actually. Remember Miracle on Markham I? We got 15 for dogpiling DeCori Birmingham in the end zone, Saban backs us up 15, and David Carlton darn near missed the XP on another hook. Had he missed, it would have been OT instead of a loss, but it sure could have cost us the game.

To this day I swear he missed that kick. Plus I still think the Mississippi St. kicker missed the field goal that beat us in 1998 in Starkville.

The kick in Starkville was wide. That was just a typical call that cost us. About as horrible as they come.

Speaking of creative, did you see where Bama lost their bb game tonight? Their whole bench was ejected and one of the five on the court fouled out and another injured himself, so they had to finish the game with just 3 players on the court. Still held their own for awhile. Didn’t lose by much.

Employed a 2-1 zone. ha!

My son is now completely convinced we can beat what I think is a really good Minnesota team. Doesn’t say much for them that Alabama actually closed the gap once they got below 5 players. How could they let Bama get that close?