A real shame

they no showed. Long long long long long year ahead.

No, they showed, just way too late. They did no-show at the FT line … again (though Jones was 12 for 13 while everyone else went 3 for 13).

Yes for 35 minutes then they play hard for 5. Maybe they’ll realize that the intensity has to be for 40 minutes.


Depends on what you mean about no show. The effort was there all night, but the finish in almost every facet of the game fell flat.

Poor defense, poor coaching. I did not see anything good in this game. Don’t think I will watch another game.

What’s heartbreaking is that Florida isn’t that good.

We are about to play much better teams.

A hungry program brings intensity and wins this one.

Long year. Empty seats…

They played like they all smoked weed before the game. :smiley:

  1. The hogs out rebounded Florida.

  2. Mason Jones scored 30 points.

  3. The sun will rise tomorrow morning!

  4. At least we are 1-1 and not 0-2.

  5. They blowed up for 35 minutes and played like a young team. Adrio rebounded the ball late and made a poor decision from behind the backboard down 2 and should have called timeout. They played hard and were able to finish for 4 minutes and 35 seconds before blowing a chance to win.

Bottom line : We looked terrible losing to a weak team at home… inexcusable !

Bottom line : We looked terrible losing to a weak team at home… inexcusable !

Bottom line: We played very poorly and lost by 5 to a team that was favored.

This isn’t a vintage Florida team. They’re not great. But to call them weak is a real stretch. They beat Butler by 34 points 9 days ago.

But, I get it. Every loss is inexcusable.

I actually think they way we played was inexcusable. But, losing to Fla by 5 at home is hardly inexcusable. It wS expected according to the oddsmakers and power rankings.

What was inexcusable is the way we lost—stinking up the place. Should have won by 20 considering we held Fla to 30% overall shooting from the floor.

I am getting real tired of hearing that this is a young team. We have now played 14 games and we are getting worse. How Mike Anderson can say that we are making strides is absurd. The Mississippi Rebels were picked for last place and look what they are doing. Finally, I agree that we our young, but we should be playing a lot better at this stage of the season. I am sorry MA but this season will be your first losing season and maybe last at UA.


They played like they all smoked weed before the game. :smiley:

[/quote]Yes, they played poorly, but you can do better than the example you gave.

So many disappointing things about this game. But the one I still can’t wrap my mind around is this: on one of our worst shooting nights in recent memory, a night when we could only muster 51 points at home, Daniel Gafford only shot the ball 4 times. FOUR. And he hit 3 of those.

Gafford shot a scorching 75% from the field, meaning the rest of our team collectively was 12/46 or about 26%. Yet Gafford only gets 4 shots. Baffling.

Teams are selling out to stop Gafford. You watch the game and guards were trying to get him the ball, but they fronted and had help side defense all night. They still missed open opportunities for him though, so I see the frustration.

Good points. And we have no play from the 4. (Some might question recruiting there but that’s another bucket). No ball rotation. A non chalaunt O with few sharp screens and cuts to the basket, and prefer to live by the three than penetrate.

All recipes for low percentage shots/offense.

I know they are young, but against Florida it looked like they had never practiced crisp high percentage half court offense before.

Can’t argue with our D however, perhaps only bright spot. Holding a team to so few points. Although I wish we would press like Nolan and actually rotate a double team on the press. Mike’s press almost seems like it’s not really committed. But that’s another bucket - can’t really complain about D.

But lack of higher percentage half court O was atrocious.

Feel like Daniel is not being put in the best position to succeed right now. Despite our attempts to make him this, he’s not a traditional back to the basket, block to block 5. He’s being worn down by guys that outweigh him by 20-30lbs. We used the pick n roll well on Sat at A&M in the second half but that’s only been used sporadically. What we aren’t seeing enough of is Daniel facing up, flashing to the post, or cutters cutting with a purpose when he’s doubled on the block.

You can vary the looks but when your guy leaves you to double Dan in the post you follow right behind him. It’s the most effective way to combat that. Instead you’ll see our guards hang back and look for a kickout for a 3…there’s nothing wrong with that except when you only have two (maybe three since Desi is shooting it ok in a smaller sample) guys that can shoot the 3.