A real shame that these kids we are beating out Bama and LSU for

couldn’t knock off Mizzou. Mind you, Mizzou finishes the season 4-8 (2-6).

But rest assured, this staff is the best recruiting staff ever assembled at Arkansas. Don’t look at results on the field or recruiting rankings, you may get the wrong idea.

This was as bad of a loss as we have had and maybe the worst coaching I’ve seen and this post might be as bad.

The game wasn’t lost because of lack of talent. It was playcalling and lack of execution and just terrible play at QB.

You said “terrible play at QB”! That’s frankly just not allowed.

Are you anxious for the C. Kelly era too?

How was QB play bad? The 1st INT was his fault, but he was hit as he threw the ball - it happens.

The 2nd INT everyone was covered (and Reed jersey was being tugged - no call) and he had to throw it because it was 4th down. He made several good 3rd down throws and was hit/under pressure all day. Those 2 throws at the end to Hatcher and Sprinkle were right on the money.

We most likely have the slowest linebacking corps and secondary in the SEC, if not all of Power 5 conferences. That is a lack of talent.

You funny.

As I have said many times, they had four players with those offers when the staff arrived and now have 24.

It’s one metric.

Winning and losing on the field is the end and only true result that matters

Richard and I can quit reporting on recruiting or offering up any thoughts if it will help your mindset as a fan.

I stand by my statement that this is the best recruiting staff that has been assembled here in my 36 years of covering recruiting.

I can’t make them develop and win on the field.

But I do know it is always the media’s fault when they lose.

Hey, it’s not the reporters fault. CBB and staff got out coached in the second half and a total let down by the players on both sides of the ball. This team sometimes plays well but they are really under achievers and the results show up big time. :frowning:

Who has ever said this?

How was he bad? He had 2 red zone INTs. The first was one of the biggest plays of the game. It was a huge mistake. He was 6-20 down the stretch and we scored zero points in the 2nd half.

He had been very good, but I have zero doubt that he and his coaches would say he had a bad game. That’s one reason I like him. AA has high standards and he cares.

But, he made some big mistakes, yesterday.

No matter how bad the situation, you are always such a ray of sunshine.

Well, this program needs less sunshine and more tough introspection from fans, media, etc.

AA got little help from the Oline in the second half. When he had time, which was rare, he hit the passes. I do question some of the calls at the end. Very easy to do from here, but that is part of being a fan. I thought the 3rd down QB run was not there and the Oline did an extremely poor job of blocking it. On the last serries, we got the ball at Goal to Goal with time and a TO left. I would have love to have seen a running play or two. They had troble stopping the straight ahead stuff all day. Still, a 1st down pass was not bad, but it was not played well. If we had of scored then with over a minute left and them with TOs left, does anyone really think our slow, nonexistant defense could have kept them out of FG range or even another TD? All they did was go long and our D watched them run right past and then turned and tried to pass intererrence if they could catch the WRs.

You right, DD. And, you know as much as anyone that Charlie Partridge will be the DL coach on the Hill next season.