A ray of hope

While overall I thought we looked bad yesterday, I do see some hope.
Mainly I do think we have a QB who can do the job if other things fit.
Actually I did see several players I thought played well but the team effort of course was a disaster.

One thing I noticed the coach said after the game and it was the coach saying on a trick play
the QB threw to the wrong side. I have a question for him, actually two, one, what is a team getting beaten on most plays running a trick play? Secondly obviously the trick play had not been practiced much and that is a no no.

I disagree with a few points here Bob. I think that play has been practiced with the first team and Hicks as QB. If you go back and watch, O’Grady was open. It would have worked. I do not think Starkel had practiced it and he threw to the wrong side. Last night when it happened, if you remember I asked during the game if he threw to the wrong side. It was fairly obvious.

As for the trickeration, we do need it. We are behind in talent right now (we are improving), but those tricks could even the playing field against Ole Miss, Miss St, KY, and MO (those four are the closest in talent based of recruiting rankings). Against Bama, LSU, aTm, and AUB it would just be a disaster (kind of like it looked last night)

Trick plays can change a game. That one, if successful, would have probably tied the game and who knows what happens if it is 10-10. Colorado ran a flea flicker for a 96-yard TD against Nebraska yesterday and it sparked the comeback. The Buffs’ offense had done nothing until that point.

So who was supposed to throw the pass if Starkel threw the lateral to the wrong side?

And why were three receivers on the wrong side.

I think what they meant by wrong side is that that pass was supposed to go to the receiver’s right shoulder, It went to his left instead. I believe it was actually a forward pass and thus would have been illegal if he’d thrown it downfield.

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Makes sense. But again, Bobby or the Ole ball coach would have practiced that play many times.

It looked to me that the ball was supposed to go to the right side of the LOS…to Trey Knox who had drifted about 4 yards behind the LOS, behind blockers and the line that was coming that way. Everything looked like a WR screen. O’Grady was looking over his right shoulder as he ran as well. Pretty sure Trey Knox was supposed to throw that ball.

Yes, that is correct. He threw to the wrong side (of the formation, not wrong shoulder)

Let me edit: On that particular play. Swine is correct there were several times he should have thrown to the back shoulder and threw to the lead shoulder, and several time he should have led the receivers and threw to the back shoulder.

On the opposite side of the field a receiver stepped back and looked for a pass. It appeared it was Treylon Burks, but I couldn’t tell for sure. It looked like a receiver with two numbers, the first of which was 1. (Full clarity, I couldn’t get the replay to show up clearly; very fuzzy like an old game on the antenna). You can tell on the replay that the receiver, we’ll say it was Burks, was surprised the ball went to Woods. He stood still for a second, then ran down the middle of the field with his hand up. By then Woods was running backward and about to be tackled.

Watching the second half. It was Burks.

It was Burks.

It seems odd that you would have both receivers drop back behind the line, almost as if it is an option for the QB…a questionable play design.

Yeah, it appears to be a complete cluster …… Clusters are always on the coaching staff, not the players.