A question on the new redshirt rule

A freshman can play in 4 games at any time and still preserve their redshirt.

I have 2 questions.

  1. Does this include a bowl game?
  2. Does it make sense, in our case, to play both freshmen quarterbacks in the same game, Their time will be very limited, so might it be better to play one, one week, and the other one the next? Give coaches a bit more evaluation time. Just curious.

It does include the bowl game.

Don’t think it makes any difference when you play them. There will be more opportunities in blowouts (in either direction) but I wouldn’t think you’d throw JSJ out there if we’re down 42 in the fourth quarter at Auburn, for instance. Saturday could be as good a chance as we get, so if we’re up big, they might turn the fourth quarter over to Hyatt, Noland and JSJ in some combination.

I don’t think you’re going to see it when the game is close. CM is still trying to win games this year, not get ready for next year. We’ll see Storey tomorrow when it’s close just because he’s 1-A right now, but barring injury I don’t expect to see any of the other three in a tight game.