A question on J. Pinion

Is he a somewhat similar player to Scottie Thurman? Great shooting mid size player. Not the most athletic player on the court, but not unathletic. Thoughts?

I would say he’s more athletic than Scotty.

I think with all the talent on the team, he’ll have opportunities for open shots. Teams focused on him in HS and with the Hawks and he sometimes pressed because he felt like he had to produce in order to win. I think that made him force shots at times.

If Pinion turns out to be more Dusty Hannahs than Jaxon Robinson, he’ll find his way onto the court. “D is the key” as they say … but just think about who he has to guard in practice to earn playing time!


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I thought he played very well in the red/white game… was usually in good position and he was guarding some serious talent during that scrimmage… I think he’ll be a regular off the bench, he can score.

Dusty made a big jump in athleticism from his junior to senior season in HS. I felt Arkansas should’ve recruited him out of HS. I remember during a preseason tourney he and Archie Goodwin went head-to-head and Dusty more than held his own.

I think Pinion is as athletic or a slightly more athletic than Dusty.

I will repeat AB’s comments noting his (Pinion’s) improvement with defense in practice and what he displayed in the game last night. Your point regarding “who he has to guard in practice” no doubt is causing him to step up. I suspect all three of the 4 stars are experiencing a growth spurt from the intra-team competition.

Scotty Thurman was who came to mind the 3-4 times I watched Pinion in high school.

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Regardless, he has to crack the 8 man rotation (that Muss is dead set on) at the expense of who? Davis? Council? Walsh? Graham ?

After last night, possibly

Pinion’s biggest edge is that Muss didn’t recruit any other shooters. Dunks are great but gotta be able to hit from outside at some point.

(The best we have after Pinion are some serviceable shooters, IMO. NSJ being the best of them, followed by Brazile, Council, and maybe Walsh and some others…. but no pure shooters.)

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I would think the competition for the last guard spot in the rotation will be among the true freshmen. But if devo struggles with crazy turnovers like he has at times, then it could cost him playing time this year. I don’t know … but I really feel like practices should be streamed for us or something if we are only going to get to see an 8 of these guys in the games

I think he can be a huge weapon for us if he shoots the ball the way he showed him last night. We can bring him in for 4 or 5 minutes run plays for him and see if he’s hot. He definitely needs to be in there quite a bit when teams are going to zone us which I think might be quite a lot because Nick Smith and him are the only ones that look like they really have any chance to make a decent percentage… I think Brazile can too but he’s not going to shoot that many I don’t believe.

I’ve often said if you got a guy who can shoot the ball and can play solid defense(doesn’t have to be spectacular) he needs to play. The kid is 6 ft 6 so he’s not
a small guy and he’s aggressive going for rebounds and guarding his man.
The question is whose time is he taking when he’s in there?? I’ll let the coaches figure that out but he can shoot the basketball on a team that according to Muss is not a good shooting team …he needs to play

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It’s completely up to him, Billy. If he guards and doesn’t turn the ball over, Muss will play him.

After seeing him in person, he’s got a good strong frame. He even had a pretty nice dunk in the red/white game.

One thing to remember is, we basically played a high school team last night. Curious to hear (because we won’t be able to see :rage:) what he does against Texas.

Yes Saturday will be a tremendous test for this team because it will be the first time all year they’ve played a great defensive team…
I don’t know how good Texas is offensively but I expect them to make it very tough for us to score. Hopefully our rebounding and defense can get us in transition enough to pull out the win


Pinion will play if he gets on floor for loose balls and plays defense. You don’t play for Muss if you don’t do those two things. Toughness wins with this coach. It’s not much different than when Nolan and Eddie coached at Arkansas.


a quick release and great range on his shot

there’s a reason Kansas also offered and that is because pure shooters are a valuable commodity

question is can he hold his own on D against legit D-1 players

Texas will be his first big audition for Muss

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In the past, Muss didn’t have a lot of options after the top seven or eight. Now he does.

It could be a different guy off the bench each night depending on matchups and other factors.


Richard makes a great point … NSJ, AB, TB, RC4 and Devo are all 20+ minute guys … the other 3 or so in the rotation on any given night will likely be based on opponent matchups and recent practice performance.


can’t see JW not playing 20+ mpg

his athleticism is nba elite

puts tremendous pressure on D with his rim attacking, slashing style

also looks to me like team’s most versatile defender potentially

can legitimately guard 4, and possibly all 5 positions on the court

Boy it is going to be a fun season with all these questions and more answered by these talented players coming together as a cohesive team with Muss pulling the levers and hitting the gas. This is a remarkably talented group of players!!

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