A question on Bohannon

First, I don’t wish the kid ill for choosing to go elsewhere. I don’t think he ever tried to string the Hogs along, and none of his kin, to my knowledge, have tried to leverage him signing with us for their own financial gain. So good luck to him.

But I am curious as to whether he told the staff he wanted to be the only QB signed in the class while he was saying we were one of the finalists, and knowing Noland was already committed.

It seems that he made it clear he preferred to be the only QB. Which makes me glad he didn’t come if he wants it to be handed to him with no competition.

I think he could’ve been really special.

Noland is the better prospect right now, and probably will be down the road. Baseball has always scared me with him though personally, hopefully a pro team doesn’t throw big money at him.

I hope that the staff can land the Texas commit now, he is probably more play ready than Bohanon also.
There’s no way to cut the corners and Gerry is coming from a 2a school, he WILL NOT be ready to play next year, even though he will. I hate it because I know it’s not best for his career which has so much potential.