A question for Parkview historians

How many head basketball coaches has PV had since the school’s inception in the late 60’s. It would seem that a big chumk of that time has been covered by two men. Charles Ripley and Al Flanigan. Does anyone know who coached the Patriots to their first state championship in 1971?

I was in the second graduating class there (class of 1972) - my sophomore year we had no seniors on the team and went 4-22, then won back to back AAA state championships the next two years (lost to Central in the finals of the first overall tournament in 72). Our Coach was JL High who recently passed away - great dude!! I can’t name all the coaches that followed besides Ripley and Flanigan. Great memories of getting that program established!!

I’m sure you remember Dead Eye Dexter Reed!

Yes I got many assists passing him the ball but he rarely returned the favor :smiley: He said my gift was the inbound pass…

He scored 43 in the finals…not too shabby…

I saw Dexter play in junior high. He did not pass to anyone. He ran the I-formation. I got it, I shoot it.

That was quite a battle between Dexter and Helena’s Don Scaife in the championship game.For my money, Scaife was the better all round player.

Totally unrelated but a young punk kid about 7-8 years old roamed the hallways while the school was under construction. The construction workers often had to tell the neighborhood kid " Hey kid, get out of here."

That kid was me. I use to live at No. 8 Inlet Dr. off Walker St.

When the school opened, I use to sneak into the gym and play pickup BB games with the football players as a youngster. Back then I was quick as heck and could hold my own. Two of my sisters graduated from there.

This is the first time I have read about “Quick” Dick Davenport. Keep those ‘old’ stories coming. GHG!

stickhog…are you bobby stiggall?asking as a member of the class of 74…dexter;al lowe;floyd booth;great team my sophomore year…71-72…and rihard…was your sister marilyn?