A Question for Anyone the Knows

Just who is doing this hiring thing? There is a search firm out there that seems to me like is just taking more money, but they have no power I hope. I hear some Springdale types, Little Rock types, GOBN, and on and on, yet I have no idea who is actually running the show. Seems like a big, big mess to me. Hope I am wrong about that, but I fear I may not be.

I have no reason to believe it’s not JCP. Especially since Steinmetz was in Houston last night at that alleged basketball game (only one team showed up). Search firm contacts potential candidates, determines their level of interest if any, brings names to JCP and she takes it from there.

I have suspected from the beginning that the hiring of a search firm meant there wasn’t a leading candidate at that point. Why spend $200,000 to give you an answer you already had? We will see if my suspicions are correct.

Use of a search firm allows contact with a candidate, but that contact is not discoverable. That allows the U of A to determine interest without revealing any negotiations.