A question directed towards our members of the press

In press conferences, are you guys limited on the number of times you can raise your hand and ask a question?

Reason I ask is that there seems to be this annoying trend to ask 2- and 3-part questions of the coaches/coordinators. Rarely do they seem to be able to adequately address all the parts.

Wouldn’t you guys get more insightful answers if they could focus on just one question at a time?

Not tryin’ to tell you how to do your jobs; just askin’.

In the past couple of years you have to have a microphone given to you in order to ask a question. With as many people who are in the room and the limited amount of time each coach is in the room, you might only get the microphone once.

And they still don’t wanna give you a straight answer. Bunch of one liners and deflection.

One annoying problem I have with sports and political interviewers is not asking follow up questions. They all seem to have a script of what questions to ask and seem more eager to go to the next question than the interviewee himself or herself. The interviewee is allowed to get away with evasive answers and answers that raise more questions. And in politics more than sports get away with alternate facts.

Good Lord, Bob Holt must be going through withdrawals!

Which is every coach everywhere. They do media opportunities because they have to, not because they want the fans to get information. And they are well aware, because we do the same thing, that our opponents are poring through every word they say looking for a slipup that reveals some tidbit they’d rather not reveal.

Watching Craddock’s interview today, I was kind of reminded of Chris Ash’s interviews while he was Arkansas. A bit stunned looking. Polite but irritated. Like WTF am I doing here and how can I
get out of here.