A question about the end of the Big Game last night

It appeared to me that Clemson ran the play that resulted in the last pass interference penalty from an illegal formation. They had more than four players off the line. Did anyone record the game? If so, please check this.

It may not have affected the outcome, but it did set them up on the two yard line.

I thought the contact on the pass interference penalty happened about the 2-yard line, not in the end zone. The penalty in that situation is half the distance, not placing the ball at the 2-yard line. Would that have made a difference on what play they could have run on the touchdown, probably so. At any rate, I think the refs goofed on that play. The flag landed on the 2-yard line, too.

I absolutely agree. I also question the two touchdown catches where the WR blocked into the end zone to pickoff the other defender. I’ve seen that called offensive interference several times this year.