a Question about political SOP

the amendment passed the Senate
what happens if the doesn’t pass in the House?
goes back to the Senate and the vote again?
Rinse and Repeat.

If it fails in the House, it fails period. I suppose it could be reintroduced or amended again to make it more acceptable to those in the House who oppose it, but it has to pass both houses & be signed by the governor. Right now we’re flirting with the strong possibility this becomes law & people can bring guns into RRS. However, we’re also flirting with the very real possibility no one will want to walk into RRS because there won’t be any games played there.

A couple of things. You are right that if it doesn’t pass the House (at some point) it is dead.

It is too late to introduce any new bills. That said, it isn’t too late late to amend any bill that has already been filed (but getting there!). If it fails in the House on the first attempt, several things could happen. (1) They could vote to “expunge” the vote and revote (if some who voted no have changed their mind that can and does happen). (2) It could be amended in some ways to make it agreeable to more members of the House. If that happens, then the amended version has to go back to the Senate to be voted on. At some point both the House and the Senate have to pass the exact same bill or it dies. (3) It could just be dead.

Time is running out. They are scheduled to be here Friday, Monday and Tuesday and that is it. They are supposed to be doing nothing but “revenue stabilization” (budget stuff) Money and Tuesday, but they can do other stuff. For the most part. bills that haven’t passed at least one House (and this one has, the Senate) by last Tuesday were dead. They can and do make exceptions (this bill is an example) but time is VERY short.

If for some reason this doesn’t get fixed now I (and I think it will), you could expect a special session to be called to fix it. They usually don’t call a special session until they have already made a deal. Then they call them in for just a couple or three days to officially do what has already been agreed on.

I think StillGregHog has it right, time is growing short, but there are procedural methods to get around an initial fail.

I think it will pass, and I hope it does pass. I’ve got a concealed carry permit, but I never even thought about carrying inside the stadium, For me personally that’s one place where I think it better just to be content with law enforcement doing the job.

Generally, it is always safe to assume that the state legislature will do more harm than good every time they are in session. There is a reason why the old saying in Arkansas is that we would be better off if they met two days every sixty years rather than sixty days every two years.