A Question about Marcus Monk

What is his official job? I’m serious.

Hanger on

He’s on LinkedIn.

According to his LinkedIn page, he runs the Monk Promotional Management Group.

In a few more days, he will be officially in charge of carrying his younger brother’s suit case. I think he’ll get a raise. Maybe not a big one, but a raise nonetheless.

Ha ha, not nice, but very funny (and true) :lol:

Shouldn’t that be, the Monk Self-Promotional Management Group?

Was he a GA for the football or basketball program? Did he do a good job?

He got a free education! I know, I know he doesn’t owe Arkansas anything. He’s nothing!

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To your knowledge, what percentage of UK signees are associated with someone who hopes to soon become an agent?

Personally I don’t think Monk would have been the missing piece for this team, especially if it was a choice between him and Barford. Barford’s skills were a better complement to Macon and Hannahs. Monk has mainly been a jump shooter at UK. Maybe I haven’t watched him enough, but his ability to drive appears to be nothing special at this point with his lack of strength. Plus, anonymous scouts have reportedly been unimpressed with his defense. If he didn’t improve our D, he wouldn’t have made much of a difference since our offense was rarely a problem, though a guy that could rise up and make a jump shot would have helped against UNC. In any case, the UK player that I would like to have stolen is Fox.

Obviously Monk would have helped. Would have cut into Beard’s minutes a lot (since Daryl and Jaylen did as much ballhandling as him) and probably some from the rest of the guards. But yeah, I’m with you on Fox. I picked him for SEC preseason POTY because I thought he would get credited for being the guy who made UK go. I think most people realize he is, but Monk blew up and Thornwell was incredible. But Fox is such a game changer. Was reading the other day that he is the toughest player to gauge for NBA personnel because if he had a jumper, he’d maybe be the No. 1 pick. If he develops it, he’s worth a high lottery pick. If they don’t think he can, he’ll go lower in the lottery.

Fox wanted to play with Monk, Adebayo wanted to play with Fox. We had six scholarships last year. We even offered Fox, and Adebayo had mentioned us as one of his schools of interest. I believe if Ferguson would have committed after his visit, that Monk would have followed, and so would of Fox and Adebayo. By the time Ferguson (and his eligibility) surfaced, we still could have got Barford, Macon, and Cook. That completely changes the dynamic of this team. I know we had a great season and playing what if, is kind of a moot point, but we could have been a lot different.

And Marcus and his foray into being an agent would have had solo access to Monk, Fox, Adebayo, Moses, Barford, and Macon (and possibly still been connected to Ferguson as well). When we talk about the Monk’s and their selling out, it appears Marcus screwed up.


I think at worst he is the next Jamal Crawford. Ceiling could be Clyde Drexler.

I don’t doubt that Monk would have helped, probably a lot, if we added him to the same roster without any deletions, though chemistry may have been volatile. Maybe I’m wrong, but I have always assumed that Barford would have looked elsewhere for more minutes if Monk had signed with us. My comments assumed plus Monk and minus Barford. What Monk would have added in the exchange is more dubious. We might have gotten off to a faster start with Monk.

Well, I really like Barford’s game. Furthermore, Barford going jaw to chest with Bam in the SECT CG told me everything I need to know about Barford. I’m happy to go to war with him on our side.




I could see him being maybe a Lou Williams type. Volume scorer who can shoot you in and out of games. Obviously he could be more than that with his athleticism, but he’d have to develop his all-around game.